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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dreadmill now a Deadmill?

Oh no, I may have broken my treadmill, I know some of you are gasping and some are cheering.  Most of us treadmill users use it not because it is fun but it is a great workout when you can do circuits, running in the winter, use weights, etc.  We make the best of our minimal options in the dead of winter.

Well tonight I was running, yes finally running and it stopped on me after 15 minutes.  It appeared to have overheated.  I let it cool down and then went for another 10 and it stopped again and the circuit was tripped.  Now after letting it cool off the treadmill itself won't budge - the power is on but no motion :(....

I hope I don't have to replace it as I don't have the money but I may have to.  I CANNOT live without one.  I may be looking for suggestions from my fellow bloggers on models, etc.

I managed to get an hour workout in and feel great today.  My weight is unchanged but I expect that after my indulges over the holidays.  I only gained a few pounds which doesn't worry me but I know I screwed up my metabolism > this will take a while to get revved back up.  I'm not discouraged, I know the routine and I am committed.  Feel better now that the eating is back in check, no wine and moving.  Not sure why I indulged but I guess I am human, when in a crowd and in a special setting I wanted to be able to eat some of the not so healthy yet yummy foods and have drinks.... I am human.  The key is getting back on track which I believe I am...

So say a prayer for my treadmill please, the ex will look at it tomorrow and I may have to get a major tune up on it .... or bury it.

Be happy,



Polar's Mom said...

After burning out one of my parent's treadmills and seeing them burn out another, I will not purchase equipment that is not made for commercial use. Don't be scared, you can find reputable refurbishers/remanufacturers online or in your town that take commercial treadmills from gyms that are upgrading-they fix them up and sell them for great prices-often the same as store-bought home usage machines. EXCEPT the commercial pieces will run for more hours and take a HUGE beating. Highly recommend! I got my treadmill shipped from a great refurb company in California, and it runs like a champ and was 20% the cost of a new elliptical. I know Precor is a great brand, it is what my elliptical is, and is in lots of gyms. You also might find a good one on Craigslist or in the paper-most people don't use these enough to EVER burn them out, as they are designed for multiple users all day long.

Polar's Mom

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

That last suggestion was a good one (re: refurbished commercial treadmills)!

You ARE not indulge at least a little bit during the holidays would have left me with the feeling I missed something, somehow. Yes, I gained a few pounds, too, but they are coming off again, and they'll come off you, too.

The main thing is that you are back on track - the results will show soon.

Anne H said...

I bought a gym-quality treadmill
on craigslist!
Best $100 I ever spent.
About the gain- blip on the radar screen!
The general direction we are going is much more important than every little increment!

Shane G. said...

I think Anne nailed it. the holidays happened. the thing to hold on to is that you got back on track after, didn't go wander the wilderness instead. I too decided at Christmas that fighting the food was dumb. skinny people don't "gear up for battle" with food. they indulge then move on back to normal eating. So I didn't go nuts, but I allowed myself treats during the holidays, now I am right back where I should be.

I will tell you this, I bought a Gold's Gym treadmill at Wal Mart for $450 bucks. I have loved it so far. it didn't get used a whole lot throughout this past year but I have been pushing it since early November and it does ok.

rickidocking said...

you slacker...I know you broke it on purpose so you could coast for a few dare you? you l'il sis

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