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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - A New Year, A New Decade

Well I am back at it. I'm finished my holidays and back to the "routine" of real life.

Out of 10 I would say my holiday was a 7, the highs included:
- hosting my niece and her husband from Texas for almost 2 weeks.  They are a lot of fun to be with, help out tremendously and we are able to share real quality time together
- hosting Christmas eve for one half of my family which was made more special with the little kids that were here.
- hosting Christmas dinner for the other half of my family which was great however there was a dark cloud hanging over the event (see the lows)
- indulging in some excellent food and wine, yes I did and I am not regretting it (well maybe a little)
- giving and receiving some very nice gifts including a beautiful necklace and pair of earrings from son #2 (he was so proud of picking these out) and a GPS from son #1.

The lows included:
- my dear brother-in-law has to contend with a terminally ill mother who passed away Dec 28th.  This was the dark cloud that overshadowed a lot of the holidays as there has been many years of family hatred and ugliness between the siblings in his family (and extending into my sister's family).  So a major focus for us was to be there for them in whatever way we could to support them through this difficult time.
- dealing with sick people, mostly getting over colds, nothing too serious but a downer at times
- not being able to relax enough but this is usually always the case during the "holidays"
- not drinking enough water and working out to the same intensity that I had been, I can blame it on time and other distractions but I ultimately regret not making the time.

I gained some pounds, ok I will fess up - I gained 6 pounds but I know a good deal of it is water.  I feel a little less toned but the workouts have started and so has the eating plan.  I am stoked for 2011.

I am committed to my ultimate goal of being in my ideal weight range of 127-150 lbs by my 52nd birthday.  I see this as very achievable and I am excited at the prospect.  I felt fantastic over the holidays for the most part due to the weight I had lost last year and the level of fitness I was at.  I want to continue to bask in that glory.

The 1st decade of the 2000's is done and I am glad it is.  Those 10 years were for the most part very painful. That being said I am so thankful to how it ended and who I am at this time - I am a better and bigger (in spirit!) person than before.  I have grown older but wiser as well.

I hope the next decade is more rewarding and I am looking for strength to be the best I can be and work hard to get the things I deserve out of life...

I know I have to have the right attitude each and every day to make the right choices;
to not run away from the hard stuff but confront it head on;
to push myself to be positive and look for the best from myself and in others;
to be forgiving and understanding of those around me;
to not take things that happen to me or around me personally, shit happens to all of us...

I wish you all the best and hope you too reach the most out of life...

Be happy,


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Beth said...

Here's to the new decade, may it bring health, happiness and fun to us both.

What a mixed Christmas you have had.