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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dreadmill now a Deadmill?

Oh no, I may have broken my treadmill, I know some of you are gasping and some are cheering.  Most of us treadmill users use it not because it is fun but it is a great workout when you can do circuits, running in the winter, use weights, etc.  We make the best of our minimal options in the dead of winter.

Well tonight I was running, yes finally running and it stopped on me after 15 minutes.  It appeared to have overheated.  I let it cool down and then went for another 10 and it stopped again and the circuit was tripped.  Now after letting it cool off the treadmill itself won't budge - the power is on but no motion :(....

I hope I don't have to replace it as I don't have the money but I may have to.  I CANNOT live without one.  I may be looking for suggestions from my fellow bloggers on models, etc.

I managed to get an hour workout in and feel great today.  My weight is unchanged but I expect that after my indulges over the holidays.  I only gained a few pounds which doesn't worry me but I know I screwed up my metabolism > this will take a while to get revved back up.  I'm not discouraged, I know the routine and I am committed.  Feel better now that the eating is back in check, no wine and moving.  Not sure why I indulged but I guess I am human, when in a crowd and in a special setting I wanted to be able to eat some of the not so healthy yet yummy foods and have drinks.... I am human.  The key is getting back on track which I believe I am...

So say a prayer for my treadmill please, the ex will look at it tomorrow and I may have to get a major tune up on it .... or bury it.

Be happy,


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Biggest Loser

Just finished my workout for the evening.  An hour at kick boxing and another 45 minutes on the dreadmill.  I am finding it a bit of a challenge getting back into the groove but it's coming.  One of the things I know I need to watch is any slack off the exercise program.  If I take more than a day off I find it very hard to get motivated again.  For me I had a few days in a row during the holidays where there was no exercising so I am paying the price now - have to find my groove!

I am happy though that I stuck it out tonight.  When I got home my mind was wandering and thinking about all the reasons why I couldn't work out more - I need to make a lasagna, I need to do wash, I could go to bed, I could just relax, etc.

But I put on my Biggest Loser and away I went.  Now I am feeling great!

What a season this may end up being.  There are some bit people on this series that have a lot of weight to lose; I am very anxious to see how they will do.  The first lady who went home last week had very impressive results at home.

Food is going OK now, as expected this is also a challenge to get back into  ut not as much as the exercise for me.

Hope you're all doing well and are committed.  Don't give up, never quit.  If you fall off the horse, just get right back on - it's the journey that counts!

Be happy,


Friday, January 7, 2011

First step towards a goal this year

Well I signed up for the 10K race at the end of May.  The 28th in fact.  When I got to work yesterday the project manager I am working asked me if I made any resolutions and I said no.  I don't like resolutions.  Then she mentioned she had set some goals which made me think, "I have goals".  She mentioned she sighed up for the 10K and I said that was one of my goals so she said, "quick sign up now as it is always sold out" so I did!

I feel good about it.  I plan to be at my goal weight which will help my running and I am going to work out my training plan this weekend.  I plan to mix running on the treadmill with my power walking program this winter, continue with my biggest loser workouts and of course, kick boxing.  Hopefully by end of March I can be running outside, I can't wait for my power walks and now running outside!  My plantar fasciatis is better but not completely gone - this will be the only wild card but I am keeping positive.

I also say a program called the 60 day challenge which is advanced kick boxing at a martial arts gym - it's an excellent price and includes a free lesson, nutrition consultation, gloves, and as many classes that I want to attend.  It would only be my free weekends since I am already going to my cardio kick boxing but it would mix things up a bit for sure.  I'll decide next week.

So for the weekend, I have planning to do for my running program, shopping with my mom-in-law, de-decorating and paying bills - sounds like a ton of fun?  Well I have to admit I am exhausted from the Christmas holidays.  It hit me hard come Wednesday just how tired I was so a quieter weekend is just what I need.  I am looking forward to sleeping in!!!

Have a great night and be happy...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Healthy Heart

So now that it is 2011, I wanted to set a new challenge so I thought for a while and came up with my drive to .... "a healthy heart" and the deadline is, wait for it... Valentine's Day!  Why you ask?

I want to focus on different aspects of a healthy heart.  The obvious one is the physical body - the need to lose more excess weight, eat right, regular exercise and so on.  The other aspect is the mind and spirit - the thinking right, being positive, focusing on the good things in life, giving back and so on.  These will continue to enrich me and my life and allow me to achieve and give more enjoyment.  The link with "Valentine's day" is to also use these goals as a means of finding a soulmate, a companion who I can enjoy each and every day with.  I am ready for this, the baggage from the past has been unpacked and put away and I am a much more confident and happy person.  Here are my goals for Feb 14th:


My Healthy Heart Challenge
heart health
My Healthy Heart Challenge
1.  Lose 55 pounds in total by Feb 14th
2.  Reconnect with Blogging
3.  Develop a game plan to get out more to meet new people.

I didn't put "find a guy" as my goal for Feb 14th as that seems to unrealistic; I did commit to the need to have a game plan for getting involved with new activities, etc that will allow me to meet more people and then, this should open up new doors for finding "him".

What do you think?  Would love to hear your comments and also any other ideas for challenges in 2011!

Have a great day and be happy...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 - A New Year, A New Decade

Well I am back at it. I'm finished my holidays and back to the "routine" of real life.

Out of 10 I would say my holiday was a 7, the highs included:
- hosting my niece and her husband from Texas for almost 2 weeks.  They are a lot of fun to be with, help out tremendously and we are able to share real quality time together
- hosting Christmas eve for one half of my family which was made more special with the little kids that were here.
- hosting Christmas dinner for the other half of my family which was great however there was a dark cloud hanging over the event (see the lows)
- indulging in some excellent food and wine, yes I did and I am not regretting it (well maybe a little)
- giving and receiving some very nice gifts including a beautiful necklace and pair of earrings from son #2 (he was so proud of picking these out) and a GPS from son #1.

The lows included:
- my dear brother-in-law has to contend with a terminally ill mother who passed away Dec 28th.  This was the dark cloud that overshadowed a lot of the holidays as there has been many years of family hatred and ugliness between the siblings in his family (and extending into my sister's family).  So a major focus for us was to be there for them in whatever way we could to support them through this difficult time.
- dealing with sick people, mostly getting over colds, nothing too serious but a downer at times
- not being able to relax enough but this is usually always the case during the "holidays"
- not drinking enough water and working out to the same intensity that I had been, I can blame it on time and other distractions but I ultimately regret not making the time.

I gained some pounds, ok I will fess up - I gained 6 pounds but I know a good deal of it is water.  I feel a little less toned but the workouts have started and so has the eating plan.  I am stoked for 2011.

I am committed to my ultimate goal of being in my ideal weight range of 127-150 lbs by my 52nd birthday.  I see this as very achievable and I am excited at the prospect.  I felt fantastic over the holidays for the most part due to the weight I had lost last year and the level of fitness I was at.  I want to continue to bask in that glory.

The 1st decade of the 2000's is done and I am glad it is.  Those 10 years were for the most part very painful. That being said I am so thankful to how it ended and who I am at this time - I am a better and bigger (in spirit!) person than before.  I have grown older but wiser as well.

I hope the next decade is more rewarding and I am looking for strength to be the best I can be and work hard to get the things I deserve out of life...

I know I have to have the right attitude each and every day to make the right choices;
to not run away from the hard stuff but confront it head on;
to push myself to be positive and look for the best from myself and in others;
to be forgiving and understanding of those around me;
to not take things that happen to me or around me personally, shit happens to all of us...

I wish you all the best and hope you too reach the most out of life...

Be happy,