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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Wow, what a week.  Finished the BL challenge as the winner.  I still can't believe I beat my original goal of losing 25 pounds by 9.  And then this week I have lost 3 more!  I am now official NOT Obese, I'm overweight!  I'm trying to adjust my daily routine to a more reasonable exercise commitment, staying on my food plan and I want to incorporate more sleep.  I cannot believe how much a good night's sleep affects the scale in the morning.  I've read about this but had to experience it for myself.  I can do the exact same everything except sleep and see a difference of a 1/2 to 1 pound in the morning so I am a believer.

A busy weekend ahead.  My grand nephew was born this morning which is exciting so there will be visiting with the family, our monthly family dinner tomorrow night and the Grey Cup Party (the canadian version of the Super Bowl) on Sunday.  I am looking forward to each and every activity.  I have so much more energy and enthusiasm for life now and I thank the Lord every day for showing me the way.

Hope you have a great weekend.  Here are my challenge updates:


Started Sept 23, 2010 and ends Dec 31, 2010 ending in 100 Days in 2010
1.  Lose 36 pounds, changed to 48!
2.  Workout a total of 5 times a week and go to my Kickboxing classes (counts as 2 a weeks)
3.  Keep my blogging, my food plan and other stats up to date AND report on Friday's


Started Sept 12, 2010 and ends Nov 21, 2010 (10 weigh ins) at my local gym.
1.  Lose 25 pounds, changed to 36! Lost 35 pounds and won the challenge at the gym!!!
2.  Don't quit the challenge - never! Out of 39 poeple who joined, only 14 finished.
3.  Attend gym classes regularily. Still going strong

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Fun

It's blog hop Wednesday courtesy of Diminishing Lucy

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've updated my countdown to focus on the HOT 100, the last weigh in for 2010!

I've also updated my goal because I am 1 pound away from it!  I'm targeting to lose another 13 pounds.  This may be a stretch but I would rather stretch this goal than my clothes, haha.

So 2 days after the biggest loser challenge end and I am stoked.  Winning was so amazing for me and such a validation of all the hard work I put into it.  I have refreshed my journal for my food plan, exercise targets and progress charts.  I hope to share some of the charts on Friday along with up to date pictures since I have the day off, woohoo!

I've up't my calories to 1100-1200 where I was before the last week of the BL push.  I am very comfortable at that level and was losing on avg 3 pounds a weeks with the exercise I was doing.  I do know that as I lose more, I will not get the 3 pounds a week but that is fine.  I have to be comfortable with my plan because it needs to fit my life for life.

Have a great night, G

Monday, November 22, 2010


Good evening all, finishing up another hectic day and getting ready for bed.  I was updating my pages on my blog and came across my NSV's.  I updated them but thought I would publish them for you to see.  I have been able to strike a few off and am close on others.  Some will come once I'm closer to my goal.  Here goes:

  1. walk down the stairs unassisted i.e. no railings, run up them too!
  2. get rid of the double chin
  3. get rid of the chubby face
  4. be able to take my gold rings off easily (close but would have to cut my knuckle off)
  5. feel my rib bones standing, not just lying in bed (close, my waist has gone down 7 inches)
  6. be able to bend over effortlessly, really bend over!
  7. get back to running and run with ease
  8. get into my target clothes at each milestone (1st one size 12 jeans)
  9. wear size 10 jeans
  10. wear size 8 jeans
  11. get rid of all my fat clothes once and for all (not hide them in the garage and then have to go back into them)
  12. wear a black evening dress (the slinky kind)
  13. buy a new bathing suit to show off my bod!
  14. see actual definition in my arms
  15. conquer the B:B ratio (boob to belly 2:1 vs 1:3 and belly to butt ratio), more to say on this later
  16. get rid of the butt jiggle (much less junk in the trunk)
  17. get rid of the back boobs
  18. be able to sit and bend over without being stopped by my belly
  19. be able to bend over and pick up a small piece of paper without sliding one leg to the side to get down around my belly
  20. be able to bend over and pick up something I dropped first, not waiting for the person beside me to do it!
  21. be able to show my face in photos wantingly
  22. see my collarbone! (can feel it but not really see it yet)
  23. shop for any type of clothes I want in any store
  24. feel no pain in my knees and lower back (comes and goes depending on the exercise routine)
What NSV's are you looking forward to?

be happy, G...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I cried this morning; I cried tonight...

OMG, (oh my goodness), what a weekend.

For those of you following my blog, I have been participating in a biggest loser challenge at my local gym.  The act of signing up for this public display and commitment to losing weight and getting healthy was a catalyst for my journey.  I signed up a week after the challenge officially started but I didn't care.  I just wanted the challenge.

It was a great experience overall but what a weekend.  Let me tell you my story...

I have been doing well and as of two weeks ago, I found out I was in the lead of the challenge, this made me very happy indeed.  I have stuck to my plan of eating well and exercising and have loved the changes and benefits it has provided to me.  When I got the taste of being " a winner " I have to admit I was pumped.  I really didn't have many obstacles in my way except for a weekend away shopping.  I counted my calories and worked out but while I was away the intense execise suffered.  At the end of the second last week I didn't lose any weight which was strange.  I worked hard overall and saw the change in the clothes I was wearing but the scale was not budging.  I vowed this last week to push HARD.  This motivation and the encouraging words from my sister Ricki and Shane really gave me the added incentive to not give up.

I cut back on some calories and worked out twice as hard.  All was going well.  I lost 3 pounds in 5 days, which is what I wanted to see.  Then when I woke up yesterday I had lost 2 more, I was down 35 pounds in total, I was stoked!!!   I firmly believe that sleep along with monitoring calories and doing exercise is important so I made a point of going to bed at my normal time but sleeping in.  It worked!   I was so pumped I tried on my target jeans, the hippy ones in size 12 and ,,,, they fit!  I was on cloud nine all day.  That being said  I stuck to the plan yesterday.  I also had to plan for a jewelry party today so I was cleaning like a mad woman.  By the time I started my official workout last night I was pooped.  I did a biggest loser bootcamp session and the treadmill for 45 min (plus a 45 walk in the afternoon) and I was done, I was so tired I could barely move my legs.  I made a decision that even though my sister was here for the night, I wanted to get to bed for a good night sleep in anticipation for a great weigh in today.

I had a terrible sleep.  And when I woke up, I had gained 2 pounds!  WTF, what's with that, I was stunned!!!    I tried to pee more, I tried to poo,  I took the dog for a 40 minute walk to get the body functions moving, it didn't work.  I cried when I walked, I could not believe after all this work and coming so close I would not win.  I dried my tears and sucked it up.  I knew the reward was how I had changed but to some so close.

I  went in for the weigh in.  Then the next blow hit me; I was two pounds higher on the gym scale.  WTFF!   My scale and the gym scale have been on target the entire challenge.  I kept my head high and left the gym but on the drive home cried again.    After a lot of self talk, I got myself composed and focused on the weight lose overall and the health benefits.  When home I worked on the last preparation for the party and told my story to my son.  After a while he said, why don't I go and weigh myself again, maybe the scale was wrong?  I weighed myself at home and sure enough I was lower so after two hours of pondering this, I called the gym to ask if I could weigh in again.  They said that was fine. I didn't know really what to expect but I knew I needed to do this for myself.  I would be really pissed off if I lost for some % that was in the end measured by a pound.  I felt if I came in second because of some small number I would not forgive myself.  I drove to the gym and asked God for his guidance and support.

I went in and sure enough the scale was 2 pounds different from earlier!  The first weigh in was wrong, even the trainer didn't believe it.  That was the best for me, I was right, I was proud of myself for calling and going back.  It could have been really embarrassing but I had to be satisfied that I had done EVERYTHING I could.  I got home and got ready for the party, in my snazzy jeans and felt great.

Then to my surprize, I checked my email after the jewelry party and WOW, I won!!!  I WON...
I lost .2 % more than my gym buddy Sheila!  Only .2% but that could have worked either way.  That could have been me if I didn't listen to others and my gut.  I was so happy I cried.  What an emotional roller coaster.  I know some of you can't relate to this or maybe see my reaction as petty, but for me, it was a real goal to be #1 once in the challenge, for ME.  So it's done,  I am celebrating with a bowl of carrots and low fat dip.  On cloud nine.....

The morals of the story:

- don't give up
- never quit
- believe in yourself
- think positive

Be happy!