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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Ramblings

My first week on the consulting job.  Thank goodness I knew the project manager and she mentioned she was having lunch brought in for the first week.  She asked if I'd like salads and I said YES.  I brought some fruit to snack on and yogurt so food wise I did well this week.

I also had a good week of exercise.  Unfortunately the outside walks with my dog has suffered because by the time I get home it is dark and there are no street lights on my country road.  I have gone to my kick boxing classes, done the Shred a couple of times, treadmill work and today I picked up two more biggest loser exercise DVDs - bootcamp and cardio max.  I tried level 1 of bootcamp tonight and really liked it.  I want the option of doing different videos to mix things up for my body and my brain.

It's really cool here, going to -6C tonight (or around 24'F I guess) but there is a warm trend coming next week.  I'm off to outlet shop in Syracuse next weekend and am excited.  I will do as much christmas shopping as I can but I also indulge in a few things for myself.  I am really liking picking out clothes now and it's only going to get better from here!

I lost 2 more pounds so am almost at 30 gone - I really can't believe it sometimes.  I don't have cravings for bad stuff.  Sometimes I am really hungry but my mind immediately dials into what good food I have in the house to have which is a huge change for me.  I noticed another NSV for me today, I have a great belt a friend brought me from China and before I started this journey I was on the last notch and the belt cut into my "gut".  Today I had to put the belt on the 1st notch and I had room to breathe - I was shocked!  BooYah!

Tonight we get an extra hour's sleep - what a load of crap.  Most of us will wake up after X hours anyway, it just means we get an extra hour during the day tomorrow which is good anyway.  I got lots of housework to do, my workouts, taking son #2 to soccer skills class and dinner with my in-laws.  It's going to be busy...

Have a great night and be happy!

P.S. I ordered my bracelet "one bite at a time, one decision at a time" from jen and love it!

Now I am wating for my fitness warrior hoodie from Bobbie and I'll be all set!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Challenge Updates

Doing well for the most part, the biggest  "challenge" at the moment is time but managing to pack a lot into each day:

Syl's October Challenge
I successfully completed the challenge with 60 minutes of exercise each day plus 21 Shred sessions.  Very pleased I pushed myself.

1.  Lose 36 pounds - lost 26 pounds to date 
2.  Workout a total of 5 times a week and go to my Kickboxing classes (counts as 2 a week) -  At the moment I am finding a way to do some exercise each day for a minimum of 45 minutes
3.  Keep my blogging, my food plan and other stats up to date AND report on Friday's - no problem with my trackers for food and exercise however my blog following is behind and I missed one day to post; I was so tired I really had nothing I could share yesterday

at my local gym

1.  Lose 25 pounds - I've lost 26 so far so I beat the target so I up'd the target to 35 pounds!
2.  Don't quit the challenge - Currently I am neck in neck with Sheila for the lead out of 43 people!
3.  Attend gym classes regularly - Love the classes so there's not a chance I will miss it....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Homework Blues

Well my days are really exciting at the moment with the new management consulting job.  It is with a growing company making medial products.  It's a new industry for me to work in so I am learning a lot already!  The staff have been terrific so far.

Tonight was busy helping son #2 learning decimal division.  He didn't do well on his unit test.  He had a few mistakes but lost most marks because he didn't show his work.  At first my thoughts were that this pisses me off as he is really good at math in his head but too lazy to write down his calculations.  But after Mom laid down the law regarding homework and study time, he came to me practically crying and admitting he did not understand how to write out his answers.  We did lots of examples together, then he did many on his own and tomorrow he has to show his teacher his work to make sure he is doing it well.  When he gets his test back he has to do it all over as a practice test - this isn't a request from his teacher but an order from Mom.  I also have a better idea of how I am going to check his work more regularly from now on.

So that being said, I only got have a workout in tonight.  That's cool though, the parental stuff comes first!

Eating great, feeling great, but now gotta get some sleep.

Be happy...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Biggest Loser and a Positive Sign ?

Booyah, had a great weigh in on Sunday where I lost 7 lbs in two weeks, 3.56% of my weight and I won the weekly challenge.  A few people at the class tonight thought I may be losing too fast but I feel great, had a physical today and all is well, and like I said way back in my A HA moment post, I am doing the math...

I have taking to logging information like a religion.  I count every calorie and note it in an excel file, I have a tally for every day counting calories, fat, sodium, sugar, fibre, protein and carbs.  I then log all my exercise and calories burned.  I can predict pretty well what I should be losing based on this information.  Part of this experiment is to show me how the input calories vs output can be modified to control weight once I reach mu goal.

Referring back to the post I calculated how many pounds I could expect to lose assuming stress is controlled, sleep is good.....

BMR = 1595 (just insert your stats into the BMI calculator)
Activity level  selected = 1.55    I'll use 3-5 moderate exercise sessions per week
Calories per day to maintain my current weight   (BMR*activity level) = 2472calories
Current calorie target per day = 1200 calories
Calories deficit per day (2472 - 1200) = 1272
Estimated pounds loss / week = 2.5     ((2472*7) - (1200*7)) / 3500 = 2.5

So I could expect a 2.5 lose however I have up'd my exercise to 6 workouts a week, with 4 of these being pretty intense (at least for me).  All this reassures me I am on a sound plan.

Now for the positive sign.  I don't want to jinx this but I am excited!!!.  I had dinner at my son's on the weekend.  He has quite a bit of weight to lose which I have talked about before... feeling the guilt for him having to deal with his parent's issues, etc.  Anyway he called me Monday and said how proud he was of me and how great I looked and could I help him... I said YES and had tears in my eyes.  I really hope he is serious about this and we can get him on a the right track.  I want to show him a couple blogs so he can see what is possible with hard work, determination and a DON'T QUIT OR NEVER GIVE UP attitude... 

Be happy...

PS. thank you soooo much to my blogger buddies who gave me sound advice yesterday regarding my post and how best to keep up with blogs.  The google reader function is fantastic!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh My Lord

OK, do I feel stupid... If you've been following my blog you may have clued into the fact that I am a management consultant.  I started my own business about a year ago.  I have been "in-between:" contracts since mid Sept until today.

When the last contract was winding down and summer was over, it was a time for serious reflection.  I took many a long walks to try and clear my head and get moving.  I was feeling very sluggish, my joints hurt bad and I was not sleeping well at all.  After a week or so of walking, I was noticing small changes, my feet hurt less along with my knees and I actually felt my legs were a bit firmer.

It was on one of these long reflective walks that I decided this was it.  I had had enough of the yo yo dieting and I had to make a fundamental change in my eating habits, food choices, portions, drink water, take my vitamins and exercise.

This was when I joined the biggest loser challenge at my gym and through a strange coincidence would a weight loss blog.  Within a few days, I had an eating program, started my blog and commited to the journey of change.
I found lots of blogs I liked and started to follow.  I would spend quite of bit of my available time reading blogs, researching information along with home stuff, appointments, etc.  Generally I was able to keep up with a daily post which was a goal I had and I tried my hardest to stay on top of all the blogs I followed, which was OK most of the time.

Well how the hell am I going to do this now?  I was up at 5:30 and we were out the door by 6:30.  We got home at 5:30, dinner, some work emails, dishes, dog walk, son's homework, washing clothes, workout and here it is 10:20, I am justing getting to my blog and I haven't been able to read one today!  How do you guys do this?  I do not want to lose touch with what is going on but I am feeling very overwhelmed and nervous that I will fall behind... advice please blogger buddies!!!  And kudos to you all for being able to do this...

Be happy darn it!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Did you get sucker'd in?  Did you have any candy?  Hopefully not.  I was able to abstain and had a pretty good day overall but had some freshly made tortilla chips and homemade salsa today.  Very yummy.

Lost one more pound and had a good weigh in for the biggest loser challenge, there is a chance I could win for the week... that would be nice for sure.

Just got home from a very busy day so getting ready for bed and a very early rise for the new job, night, night all...  Happy Halloween