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Saturday, October 9, 2010

An A HA Moment!

I found some information yesterday and had an A-HA moment.  I may have seen this in the past but can't remember or it definitely did not sink in.

- How to calculate the calories per day you need versus what you are eating on "your program" to estimate the pounds that could be lost per week OR
- Why did I gain weight in the first place

The first link is an excellent write up on calculating your BMR (basal metabolic rate).  The second is a site for calculating your BMI.  I'll let you do the reading and then calculate your's...  Thanks Tara!

So I calculated mine:

BMR = 1595 (just insert your stats into the BMI calculator)
Activity level  selected = 1.55    I'll use 3-5 moderate exercise sessions per week
Calories per day to maintain my current weight   (BMR*activity level) = 2472 calories
Current calorie target per day = 1200 calories
Calories deficit per day (2472 - 1200) = 1272
Estimated pounds loss / week = 2.5     ((2472*7) - (1200*7)) / 3500 = 2.5

A HA - A calorie total of 2472 for me to maintain my weight at a moderate activity level.  No wonder I gained weight!  I definitely ate over that amount a day plus I was not doing moderate exercise sooooo my real calorie maximum per day would be 1914!!!

Now that I have some information I believe this re-assures me that I should be seeing a weight loss per week if I maintain my eating and exercise plan.  Now how much you loss can be dependent on other factors like fluid retention, illness, stress, etc.  I expect to see fluctuations per week but the darn thing should work over time; patience and persistence is needed.

I hope you found this helpful.  I'd appreciate any feedback regarding the information, have I misunderstood it?

Ta for today and be happy

This POOP Works!

I am on a high right now.  Down 2 more making it 14 pounds in just under 3 weeks but more important than that (yes there are more important things) I feel wonderful today!  It just occurred to me when I came downstairs today that I simply walked down the stairs... I didn't hold the railing, baby my right foot (which was the one afflicted with plantar fascia) or go down one step at a time.  I had a spring to my step and when it hit me I couldn't stop smiling!  This POOP works (that's right poop not s&it)!!!  I'm not going to swear as I find this really unnecessary; I do my fair share of swearing believe me, I have been accused of having a mouth like a sailor.  This comes from working with a lot of loud, aggressive men.  But I digress...

Today we are having our big Thanksgiving dinner.  I have the turkey in the oven all stuff to the gills (wait turkey's don't have gills..), OK he's all stuffed up.  I'm also making a low fat pumpkin soup for the early guests to have for a late lunch or appetizer (recipe can be found on the site under My Recipes).

Just about to do some tidying up and then out for a big walk/run and I might do the shred or kettle bells after.  I am really stoked about today not just because we have a family get together but because I feel so great right now I know I am going to do well with my plan today - my mind is in the ZONE.  For those of you who have read some of my blogs, I am not just a foodie but I love my red wine.  LOVE IT!  I can live without it which is demonstrated by the almost twenty days so far (OK I fell off last weekend away with girls for a couple of reasons but that's another blog).  I have connected the fact that if I drink wine, I will eat more and I will eat not necessarily the good stuff, then I will go to bed feeling bad about myself.  More importantly I will most likely walk up a little stiff, a cloudy head and revert back to inching my way downstairs AND I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT.

So stay on my program today, no problem.

Including no wine today, no problem.

Exercise today, for sure.

Be extremely thankful for everything I have and what it has made me, absolutely.

I have another blog coming out today that I wrote yesterday that works in tandem with this one, my A HA moment, I hope you enjoy them both!

Be happy and be thankful!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Throw My Hands Up In the Air Sometimes

I am in a good mood surfing around after a nice walk outside and I managed to run 1k, wooohooo.  I found this link on you tube of a guy from Ontario Canada and man he is fantastic.  Maybe he'll be as popular as Justin Beiber (yes I agree we need to replace JB on the charts).  I like the performance which is all A Capella and these lines from the song seem very appropriate for me...

I Throw My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes,  Saying Ay-Oh, Gotta Let go.  I wanna celebrate and live my life,      Saying Ay-Oh, Baby Let's Go.

Get up and exercise or just celebrate, throw your hands up in the air and just let go and have fun!

Hope you enjoy it too, be happy!

Friday Challenge Update

My second update on my three challenges, all is going well so far.  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Syl's October Challenge
Day 8 October and 5 shred completed and 8 days of exercise for 60min each (minimum excluding Shred); woohoo!

1.  Lose 36 pounds - lost 12 pounds to date 
2.  Workout a total of 5 times a week and go to my Kickboxing classes (counts as 2 a week) -  7 days of 60 min walks, 3 kick boxing classes, 1 kettle bell class and 4 shred!  Many workouts completed; maybe I should count minutes completed like some people?
3.  Keep my blogging, my food plan and other stats up to date AND report on Friday's - so far I've been updated daily, helps me keep focused and I am addicted.

at my local gym

1.  Lose 25 pounds - I've lost 12 so far after starting Sep 20 
2.  Don't quit the challenge - Haven;t missed a weigh in & going strong!
3.  Attend gym classes regularly - Yup, done even though I had to dig deep for the motivation to go last night!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kick Boxing ASS Kicking

Today was a beautiful day so I managed to get out for a 4 mile walk, then came in to do a kettle bell workout, then ended the day with my kick boxing class.

I've been to 4 kick boxing classes and they are intense.  Just my luck today she focused 80% on upper arms using weights (after 40 minutes with the kettle bell...) and then we did cardio with a skipping rope.  Who ever brought a skipping rope into a gym for workouts instead of leaving them in the playground should be shot.  And what does skipping with a rope have to do with kick boxing anyway?  Well I managed to do most of the work but man it was hard.

The class is a good hour long with 40 minutes of punching and kicking routines, ab work, and cardio followed by 20 minutes of work with the bag which I love, I am intense at punching the crap out of the bag.  Each time I imagine it as another person that has pissed me off in the past and beat them senseless.  There is just a small handful of people who I categorize as scum - the kind of people who call you a dear friend to your face and stab you in the back at the first chance.  Since there's only a couple, once I'm tired of them I'll pretend the bag is a big fat monster and continue to beat the crap out of it each class.

I'm not down again today but like I said I feel like I am building muscle and toning well.  I need to be patient to see the pounds down on the scale.  I know that working out hard will build muscle which weighs more and sooner or later the hard work and staying on plan will pay off.....right?

I'm really hoping there is some decrease for my BL weigh in this weekend.  If it's none or modest my measurements will be more telling of how I am changing.

Tomorrow is Hot 100 update, should be a decent one for the week,

Be Happy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holding Strong

Just a quick add on to my note this morning.  I was feeling somewhat down for most of the day but was definitely encouraged by the comments posted, many thanks!

The weather here is not helping; we're having another day of heavy rain.  I tried to get out for a brisk walk twice with my doggie Kosmo and both times we had to turn around after about 5 minutes.  I did get a Shred workout in, 30 minutes on the dreadmill and a good session on the rowing machine.  That perked up my mood even more - like they say exercise increases the endorphins and improves your mood.

My eating is going well, I don't have any cravings even with the donuts and chocolate chips muffins on the counter; oh yah and the chips sulking in the cupboard.  It's been about 2 weeks but it seems like more at this stage.  Even though I'm on a small stall (ie. 4 days) I am feeling smaller.  I see it in my face, arms, waist/abs and thighs.

I'm going to choose a target outfit out of my closet this week (ie. one that is a few sizes too small for me right now) and put it on, take a picture so I can see what it looks like now vs when I am at my 1st goal (Nov 21 for AFC Biggest Loser Challenge); then I will do this for the Hot 100 too.   I have seen this done and it is a really powerful motivator!

Ta for now and be happy!

No Pounds Down Frown :(

Ok for all you die hearts I am feeling a tad bit discouraged this morning.  I haven't seen any change in 4 days even though I am committed to healthly eating, drinking lots of water and a minimum of 60 min of exercise a day.  I feel I am toning and inches are coming off so that at least keeps my motivation level up there.

If there are any words of advice people can share today with comments, it would be a good time (I don't need cheering, tips or advice on what to do, not do would be better).

Happy with a frown...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Piss off Pissy people

Why are some people in a chronic pissy mood?  I have a dear friend who is about 10 years older than me and she can't find one good thing to say about the world.  Today I wanted to go to the US to get a turkey for thanksgiving this weekend.  She was feeling lonely lately so I invited her to come.  This is after spending the weekend with her and my other girlfriends.  She got on my nerves over the weekend but thank goodness the other girls were there too.  

So I get up determined to make the best of the day, to not let her get me boiling inside.  Even my horoscope warned me...

"Your ability to work with someone else cooperatively may be tested today because your patience is rather short. However, losing your temper isn't helpful if you want to make things better. "

So I figure I need to be cautious.  We're not in the car more than 6 minutes and my patience was tested... I was driving down my country road which has a speed limit of 80 klm and I guess I was way over cause I see flashing lights coming at me the other way.  I look down and I see I was going 102 klm.  I have to pull over so I did, and my friend says " that pisses me off, where are the cops when there are 4X4's speeding down these roads or there are packs of dogs off leashes and..."  All I can think of was 'shut up, I broke the law and I got caught'.  I control my breathing and get prepared.  Sure enough I was going 107 klm.  The officer takes my paperwork and licence and goes to the squad car and meanwhile my friend is still going on about how unfair this is.  I asked her to calm down and let me get through this.  I have never been stopped in all my 33 years of driving.  The officer comes back and tells me the ticket should be $137 plus 3 demerit points but since I have a perfect record and was polite, I got a $35 fine.

I make it through with a slap on the wrist but it was a wake up call for me.  The moral of the story - be calm and stay centered.  I was so glad I did not let my friend get to me.  I swear if I had gotten the bigger ticket and points loss I would told my friend I wasn't into the trip and turned back.  (then I most likely would have dropped her off and sneaked away on my own; I would rather have driven in silence).  But I went on and we made it through the trip.  I had to bite my lips so many times they hurt.  She complained about the weather, kids these days, all the bad drivers, truckers, who's hurt her lately, blah, blah, blah.  The second moral of this story - some people need to be taken in small doses or in large groups (deflection or at least an escape route needs to be in sight). 

I love this woman and care for her but our personalites are so different.  I want to be HAPPY and I need to make sure I surround myself with positive reinforcement.  This doesn't mean I need cheerleaders for my personal quest  but I do need people who demonstrate the same beliefs as I do - accountability, choice, strength, commitment, etc.  I don't need people who blame everyone else for what is wrong in their lives.  Piss off pissy people as I won't be attending you're pity party.

Ah, that feels better.  Actually I felt better once I got home, put things away quickly and got my runners on to got outside.  It was a beautiful fall day and my doggie and I needed exercise.  An hour's walk / run was perfect and then kickboxing tonight....All is well and I'm happy - hope you are too...

Monday, October 4, 2010


For the few looking at my blog, you may be wondering why the reference to HAPPY.  Besides the obvious, I am doing my utmost to be happy.  I had an epiphany that ignited my journey this time and at the core is the guttural desire to be happy.  I have to find and cherish the things in life and do the deeds that make me happy.  I have to stop dwelling in the past and reflecting back on all the things that have happened in a negative way.

 I found an anonymous quote today that resonated with me:

" Don't just go through life, GROW through life. Yesterday is gone and you can't get it back so leave the wish I.. woulda, coulda, shoulda in the past with it. Each new day you are given a new opportunity to start over and become a better you. The power lies within you."

I decided to develop a descriptive meaning behind HAPPY that I could reflect on regularly as motivation and inspiration.  Maybe it will help you too...

H             Health, heavenly, hope, harmony, honesty
A             Alive, appreciate, accountable, active, achieve
P             Perseverance, positive, patience
P             Peace, passion, peak, precious
Y            Years, young, youthful, yeah

So I am on a quest to be happy.  My mind will be open to all the advice and ideas I am reading in other blogs and the books I read.  Most of the blogs out there have days where the person behind the keyboard expresses truly profound words or admissions.  Other days are filled with the rants of happiness or frustration - something we all have to do.  

One of the blogs today (Cammy - tippytoediet) wrote about the big deal scale, this was great.  It reminds me of a book I read (and will reread) called "Don't sweat the small stuff... and it's all small stuff" by Richard Carlson.  We know this isn;t true but it's a reminder to me to keep issues in perspective.  We all know we can get frustrated, angry and down right pissed about a lot of small things if we let ourselves follow that path.  So like I said any advice, ideas, etc are neat to be reminded of.

As for the journey, all is going fine.  My motivation is still strong and my dedication to the changes in my eating behavior, exercise, etc is all OK.  Finished updating all my stats, my exercise is complete, dishes done, washing in process and gotta get ready for bed.  

Good night and be happy...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

End to a FUN weekend

I'm back home from a fun filled weekend with the girls. We have this weekend getaway to a friend's cottage the first weekend in Oct and have been doing this for a while.  I was really worried about how I would handle the usual excess of food, the drinks and the lounging around not doing much physical activity.  I asked for advice on how I could better prepare myself from my bloggers and I got some good ideas and supportive cheers.

There were a few less of us this year due to personal reasons and although I missed them, the gang that was there had a much closer and relaxed time as we had less to cook for, clean after and coordinate "do we all want to do this?".

The great news is it was one of the best getaways in a while!  The not so great news is that I did not stick to my plan.  I didn't disclose the new me to my friends meaning my renewed commitment and my approach.  I'm not completely sure why but one of the reasons is I've been at this stage so many times before that, although my friends would listen intently and wish me the best, my thoughts were they would be thinking "not again or I wonder how long she will stick to it this time or  which program is she going on about now".  I know this isn't the truth but I was gun shy.  In the end I did manage to stay on my food plan pretty well.  I did not have candy, chips or sweet/high fat desserts.  I did however enjoy my wine with the gals.  I curtailed myself to a much lower limit than the past, I watered down my drinks and I still drank lots of water but I did indulge.  Oh well, that was my choice, today I'm back on plan and so far I it would appear I maintained my weight.

I managed to get the girls out for two long challenging walks (6 and 7K respectively) on a very hilly terrain.  For the most part we walked at a good pace to break out in a sweat and feel some burn in our legs.  I also got a Shred in on Friday. I also woke up in time today to go down the 90 stairs to the lake and see the sunrise (and took 50+ pictures) and it was stunning!  I walked up and down these stairs 7 times today.  I felt great today driving home even though I felt some small pangs of "why did I not stay on plan" but then again I was able to not beat myself up and demotivate myself.  I had lots of energy today which I am sure was from the reasonable good food we ate (no overeating!), water and reduced drinking.  I made a amazing low fat cheesecake that had 99 calories and very low in fat (I added it to my recipe pate).

I couldn't weigh in for my biggest loser club this week as we were late leaving the cottage but will be there next Sunday (which by the way for those non-Canadians is our Thanksgiving weekend - another food/alcohol challenge but that's life).

Ta for now and be happy.