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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Progress To Goal

I caught up with updating my journey page last night.  I've mentioned, I keep a detailed journal of my weight, food log including calories, fat, carbs, protien, fibre;  an exercise log and my measurements.  I developed my own program using Excel so I can chart these things and graph key stats > I know I am a numbers geek.

So 40 pounds lost so far but here are my other key stats with respect to other goals I have made for my 8 months hike...

Total Workout Minutes 
Goal - 12,703 minutes of exercise, 60 min minimum, 6 days a week
6320 completed (50%) 

I appear to be ahead of the game here.  We'll see where I land in January and I can adjust my goal accordingly
Total Inches Lost * (wkly progress)
Start vs Now... 

I am so pleased with my waist change and abdomen, not to shabby (or flabby) in the thighs either!

This is an interesting chart.  I made up some pretty arbitrary goals for my measurements for different areas of my body.  Overall 34" lost and another 18 3/4" to go > this will be a challenge for sure but I am sticking to the plan.

Christmas village ready for set up, now time for a workout!

Onward and forward I go...


Anne H said...

Awesome - and a very pretty spread sheet as well!

Michele said...

Wow. Wahoo. That is great progress! Your stat sheet really tells a positive story. Stay strong!