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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A BOGGED Blogger

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a week since I blogged.  I'm been mentioning my time management or more accurately just time, has been an issue for me and now with the holiday season approaching, it's worse for sure.  I spent extra hours this week decorating (I'm 60% done) and doing more homework with my son and the last thing to suffer has been the blog.  I really missed it though so I'm going to try something different.

Now that the visiting consultants have left the office for 6 weeks and I am working with a smaller team, I'm going to get my blog done at lunch.

So I've been doing fairly well this week.  My food is under control with the exception of two meals where I was visiting and did not have control on the menu.  I think I choose the best foods and ate just a small portion but you know these things, you just never know what others are putting in recipes.  I also indulged in a couple glasses of wine at the Grey Cup party last Sunday; the good news is I didn't give into the munchies after this!

My exercise is going well.  Kickboxing is still a blast and my home workouts are ... boring but necessary.  I'm still going the Shred or BL Bootcamp along with 45-60 minutes on the dreadmill.  I am also starting to mix some running with walking on the mill so that is spicing things up a bit > need to keep the body guessing.  My journalling is still great, this is one habit I am so glad I have maintained.  I enter my foods and nutrition values faithfully along with my exercise and weight progress.

I do have my HOT 100 update, better late than never...


Started Sept 23, 2010 and ends Dec 31, 2010 ending in 100 Days in 2010
1.  Lose 36 pounds, changed to 48!  I have lost 39 now, 10 to go in 25 days.  Will be a stretch with the celebrating coming up but will give it may all.
2.  Workout a total of 5 times a week and go to my Kickboxing classes (counts as 2 a weeks).  I am working out 6 days a week, sometimes 7.  I know this is the extra kick I need to lose weight.  My calories are under control and the exercise helps the pounds melt off.
3.  Keep my blogging, my food plan and other stats up to date AND report on Friday's.  Booohooo, this is where I have failed I hate to say; but I am recommiting myself to my blogging journal.

So if you haven't heard from me, give me a nudge (thanks Beth!); it may be the thing I need to jolt me back to reality!

Take care and be happy...


Shane G. said...

Hey there MOF. I am glad to hear you have been on course since we last heard from you! I can't see your blog without smiling about your big win still! I don't know why but I felt personally connected to that win, even though I didn't "know" you. I guess you got me all caught up with updates and I imprinted on it.

Well, keep up the good work, and I know that power of the food journal. that more often than not is how I reign myself in if I do get an urge. I know I have to write it down, I know what calorie count I should be at at what time of day and if I get outside that comfort zone, I get all Rain Man about it, so there is that line of defense.

Beth said...

Yay! She's baaaack. And wow, what a motivational post, way to go with upping your weight loss goals.

And hey, if there was one thing on that list to fall down on, blogging was the best one - you are totally rockin on the exercise and food front.

And the fact that you had a couple of glasses of wine and didn't overeat is good news to me. I'd like to be able to have a couple glasses without loosing my focus and resolve.

Keep going, you are doing great. Will be watching eagerly over the next few weeks for you to meet your goals.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Miss seeing you on here but know how crazy busy this time of year is. Just when you come back in full-swing, someone else will have to take a break. Thank goodness this community is so forgiving! lol

Anne H said...

Great progress! I love it when someone has to adjust a goal.... from progress!

Michele said...

Sounds to me that you are doing great! Your are eating well and making time for exercise. Yes, a busy time of the year, but you continue to move forward in many, many positive ways.