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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Backhanded Compliment?

So I was talking to my ex tonight cause he comes over two nights a week to spend the evening with number 2 son.  He looked at me and here's how the conversation went...

He said "your doing really well, how much have you lost?"

I said, "40 lbs" with a big grin

He said "wow that's great, how long has it been?"

I said "since Sept 20, about 12 weeks"

He said, "that's fast maybe too fast"

Then he said " well the hard part will be keeping it off"

Now is that a backhanded compliment?  Not sure but I sure felt like backhanding him!  I know that will be the tough part, I know because of how many roller coasters I've been on before.  I know it is the biggest risk but I don't think it will be the toughest part.  The tough part will be staying commited to a proper nutritious eating plan, controlling my alcohol intake and staying active.  That is the only way I will, or any of us, will maintain our weight in a healthy range.

I kept my cool, I packed up my stuff for kick boxing and left saying a fond farewell to both!  In the car I had to chuckle, here he is struggling to lose some extra weight but he is eating Lean Cuisine's (which I hate and don't believe they are a good nutritious choice) and snacking on crackers and some candies.

So what is the hard part?  The way I see it:

The first hard part is making the commitment to change your life, the second is to still with a plan while you change and the third is to live with the plan forever.  I'm in the second phase waiting with great excitement for the third!!!

Keep moving and be happy!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It sounded like he was saying, well, I won't be impressed until 4 years from now and you KEEP it off. What's with the "too fast" thing? Why do people think that if you lose weight fast it's bad? Let it come off as fast as possible I say! Good for you, don't give him another thought!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

If he is also trying to lose weight, and he's your ex, I'm not overly surprised to hear comments like that.

By seeing how well you're doing, it's highlighting that he may not be doing it "right" or "fast enough". To me, his comments exposed his insecurity about what he's doing, so he decided to try to poke holes in what you're doing it.

Must be hard for him to see his ex-wife getting hotter by the day :)

You know what you're doing, and you're doing it!

Shane G. said...

you know technically he is right, even if he is wrong for putting it that way. buuuuuut the difference from this time and others, you have us!!!! We have your back and to hell with the EX!!

Anne H said...

Pretty smart stuff there, Cookie!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Can I just say how amazing you are? I think I would have stewed on that comment for a good long while, making myself all upset over it. You are proof that you're a bigger person and are pushing beyond it. Way to go.