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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks Shane!

I'm coming down to the wire, 3 more sleeps and I weigh in for the last time for the biggest loser challenge at the gym.  I'm excited and nervous.  I hope I have broken through my stall cause I've lost 3 this week.  I am still tied with Sheila.

It's a fun rivalry but I would really like to win.  We are both in the same kick boxing class and our instructor keeps a close eye on us.  Sheila didn't attend on Wednesday so Ann took the opportunity to pick on me - she singled me out to the class and encouraged all to encourage me to work out hard, it was fun!  Then tonight we were both there.  Ann asked us what we are going to eat Sunday night to celebrate - Sheila said Chinese food, I said my normal meal because I am not finished.  I think everyone thought I was on drugs.  But this is just my first major challenge goal.  The next is for the Hot 100 and then my big birthday.  I am not settling for less this time.  My eye is on the end goal of being at my 20's weight by my birthday.  I see so much improvement in me but I also see there are a lot of pounds to come off.   The mirror doesn't lie (just wear Lycra shorts and top and you know what I mean, it shows it all).

Now the most important part of my post - I want to give a heap load of thanks to Shane for encouraging me on my last blog to work hard this week.  I was feeling really discouraged because of the stall and even though I wasn't going to eat dumb stuff or stop exercising, he said go harder, I have a shot so go for it!  I had already changed my plan this week eat less calories (for the week) and exercise more to have a larger calorie deficit.  That being said, Shane's push gave me a real boost so thank you, thank you Shane!

Now for sleep, be happy...


fatgirlwearingthin said...

I'd love to catch your motivation for today. Sounds like you really kicked some serious butt! Let us know how the challenge went. Sounds like Shane is a good man to have around!

Shane G. said...

wow, thanks MOF! I appreciate the shout out. but truth be told it was in you already, I just put a flashlight on it so you could see it. I am so proud of you right now! I really loved your answer to the instructors questions, I broke into a huge grin when I read it!!! You go girl, finish strong!

Anne H said...

3 more sleeps - I like that wording!

Michele said...

I hope you break through your stall, too. I was stalled for 6 weeks, but here is the deal: even though I stalled there were many other positive NSVs including, increased stamina, clothes fitting better and ability to walk more. So, even if you don;t make it in teh competition you are still a winner.

We always use the "three more sleeps" description when talking about how many days away for an event with our kids or grandkids. Loved your use of it!