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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've updated my countdown to focus on the HOT 100, the last weigh in for 2010!

I've also updated my goal because I am 1 pound away from it!  I'm targeting to lose another 13 pounds.  This may be a stretch but I would rather stretch this goal than my clothes, haha.

So 2 days after the biggest loser challenge end and I am stoked.  Winning was so amazing for me and such a validation of all the hard work I put into it.  I have refreshed my journal for my food plan, exercise targets and progress charts.  I hope to share some of the charts on Friday along with up to date pictures since I have the day off, woohoo!

I've up't my calories to 1100-1200 where I was before the last week of the BL push.  I am very comfortable at that level and was losing on avg 3 pounds a weeks with the exercise I was doing.  I do know that as I lose more, I will not get the 3 pounds a week but that is fine.  I have to be comfortable with my plan because it needs to fit my life for life.

Have a great night, G


Shane G. said...

G, I saw your post on my blog and I am in! Let's ride on to success in the HOT 100!! I am ready willing and able to have the best December ever! And will be glad to partner up with the winner of the Biggest Loser, MOF!!!

Lori Lynn said...

I just found your blog today, from Syl's blog. How did you get your tabs with your other pages on your blog? I really like that feature, and would like to put that on mine.

logmyloss said...

It is so awesome to update a goal like that! Grats to you!

~South Beach Steve

Mind Over Fatter said...

Lori Lynn, I think you go to Design, Posting and the edit pages tab. You can add a title to each page and add blog text. The gadgets you add to your main page will show on all added pages, you can just update the blog section... hope this helps!