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Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh My Lord

OK, do I feel stupid... If you've been following my blog you may have clued into the fact that I am a management consultant.  I started my own business about a year ago.  I have been "in-between:" contracts since mid Sept until today.

When the last contract was winding down and summer was over, it was a time for serious reflection.  I took many a long walks to try and clear my head and get moving.  I was feeling very sluggish, my joints hurt bad and I was not sleeping well at all.  After a week or so of walking, I was noticing small changes, my feet hurt less along with my knees and I actually felt my legs were a bit firmer.

It was on one of these long reflective walks that I decided this was it.  I had had enough of the yo yo dieting and I had to make a fundamental change in my eating habits, food choices, portions, drink water, take my vitamins and exercise.

This was when I joined the biggest loser challenge at my gym and through a strange coincidence would a weight loss blog.  Within a few days, I had an eating program, started my blog and commited to the journey of change.
I found lots of blogs I liked and started to follow.  I would spend quite of bit of my available time reading blogs, researching information along with home stuff, appointments, etc.  Generally I was able to keep up with a daily post which was a goal I had and I tried my hardest to stay on top of all the blogs I followed, which was OK most of the time.

Well how the hell am I going to do this now?  I was up at 5:30 and we were out the door by 6:30.  We got home at 5:30, dinner, some work emails, dishes, dog walk, son's homework, washing clothes, workout and here it is 10:20, I am justing getting to my blog and I haven't been able to read one today!  How do you guys do this?  I do not want to lose touch with what is going on but I am feeling very overwhelmed and nervous that I will fall behind... advice please blogger buddies!!!  And kudos to you all for being able to do this...

Be happy darn it!!!


Julie Lost and Found said...

I read a great post by Katie j is on her way on "blogging 101" and through that discovered the beauty of google reader!! I LOVE it! I made sure all of the blogs I follow are on it, went through today and read them all and got "caught up". Then as you read and are caught up, mark it as "mark all read". Once you are "caught up"...its rather easy to keep up with. Just set a schedule and you can look to the left pane and the blogs in bold are the ones with new posts. I feel so much more in control over my reading now and was able to comment a lot today also. I have been wondering for weeks on how to get caught up on my blog reading. I found her article very helpful!

Lanie Painie said...

I usually neglect my kids and housework. Doesn't everyone?

Or I just skim the headlines of most blogs in my dashboard in the morning, keeping up 100% with one or two favorites who reciprocate, but I don't feel that I have to read every single post every day.

Shane G. said...

I am in Lanie's category, I usually use the following function on the dashboard page to see who has posted new blogs, then I have around 10 or so that I follow all the time, the others, I skim headlines to see if maybe they need an encouraging word. I do the best I can given my schedule and I think folks get that too. Don't stress about reading less, just do what you can. That is kinda my life rule, try hard but don't get mad, just do what you can.

Joy said...

I really struggle with this too. I want to read and comment on every blog out there. The reality is, I need to do what's right for me first. I have caught myself so many times, not getting to bed on time, because I was reading blogs. Then I would be too tired to exercise, or think about what good food I should be eating. I soon realized this is a bad thing for me.

So how I do it is....If I get my daily stuff done and I still have time, then I will get my post out. Then if there is time, I will read other blogs and make comments.

I cannot forsake my health and what's important for my journey. I always have to keep that in mind first.

Keep focused on your journey!!!

wifeychronicles said...

I have an iPhone and just get on my google reader throughout the day when the kids I nanny are napping or having independent play time. Of course their are times when the days are so hectic I don't even read one blog then I usually skim my favorites that night and set the rest to read because it can get overwhelming.

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Yeah, Google Reader is great.

And I post and read late at night and don't get enough sleep as a result. I wouldn't recommend it. Good luck working it all out.

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I think it all comes down to communication. Your readers/followers will understand if you have a lack of time due to job, family, exercise, etc...and I don't think that anyone expects their followers to comment on every single post, either. Some posts will encourage more responses than others, that's just natural. My advice would be to re0evaluate what you think you can do: post twice a week? Three times a week? Once a week for a while? Pick a day that's least stressful and let your readers know when to expect you. We'll understand :)
And as far as the commenting/keeping up with other people's blogs, I would divide the ones you really care about and just make a point to keep in contact. Maybe read and comment on 2 or 3 a night (depending on how many you follow). You'll figure it out. Good luck and Joy is right, take care of yourself first!

Mind Over Fatter said...

Thanks all! I have just found Google reader and opened it and your right, it is a much more user friendly way to scan blog updates. This will save a lot of time for me. Can I also post comments from then reader in share with note?

beej said...

Yup. I agree with the other commenters. But I try not to just take and take. It's important to me to make sure that I'm feeding those who feed me. A little reciprocity.

So, I try to read everything, but, more than that, I try to comment on as many as I can--knowing that I can't do it all.

Of course, again, that's after family time, exercise, and blogging...

Mind Over Fatter said...

beej, agree 100%, I love commenting on blogs thanking for ideas, providing support, or whatever. I can't stand just reading them with no participation!!!