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Monday, November 22, 2010


Good evening all, finishing up another hectic day and getting ready for bed.  I was updating my pages on my blog and came across my NSV's.  I updated them but thought I would publish them for you to see.  I have been able to strike a few off and am close on others.  Some will come once I'm closer to my goal.  Here goes:

  1. walk down the stairs unassisted i.e. no railings, run up them too!
  2. get rid of the double chin
  3. get rid of the chubby face
  4. be able to take my gold rings off easily (close but would have to cut my knuckle off)
  5. feel my rib bones standing, not just lying in bed (close, my waist has gone down 7 inches)
  6. be able to bend over effortlessly, really bend over!
  7. get back to running and run with ease
  8. get into my target clothes at each milestone (1st one size 12 jeans)
  9. wear size 10 jeans
  10. wear size 8 jeans
  11. get rid of all my fat clothes once and for all (not hide them in the garage and then have to go back into them)
  12. wear a black evening dress (the slinky kind)
  13. buy a new bathing suit to show off my bod!
  14. see actual definition in my arms
  15. conquer the B:B ratio (boob to belly 2:1 vs 1:3 and belly to butt ratio), more to say on this later
  16. get rid of the butt jiggle (much less junk in the trunk)
  17. get rid of the back boobs
  18. be able to sit and bend over without being stopped by my belly
  19. be able to bend over and pick up a small piece of paper without sliding one leg to the side to get down around my belly
  20. be able to bend over and pick up something I dropped first, not waiting for the person beside me to do it!
  21. be able to show my face in photos wantingly
  22. see my collarbone! (can feel it but not really see it yet)
  23. shop for any type of clothes I want in any store
  24. feel no pain in my knees and lower back (comes and goes depending on the exercise routine)
What NSV's are you looking forward to?

be happy, G...


Kati said...

I can relate to so many of these! I cannot stand that my face has gotten so chubby, so I am definitely working to solve that issue. The butt:back ratio is a big one for me as well. I want actual definition between my toosh and it kind of all blobs together, ugh. And I'm obsessed with re-discovering my pelvic/hip bones, which I guess is similar to your rib thing. I can feel them now...when I lay down anyway.
Good luck with your list :)

Shane G. said...

That is a cool list! I see a lot of me in there! I haven't posted anything like this but now I am motivated to do so. would you mind if I stole this idea?

Anne H said...

I once felt my collar bone.... a little over a year ago.
I still had 40 -50 pounds to go. I could feel it, but other people could not see it. Or feel it.
And I went around to everyone asking them to try.
Well, they can now, for sure!

Good list!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I love your list -- such a good way to keep the focus on all the NSV instead of the numbers on the scale!

gettingfitfor50 said...

Great post! I love how you're looking at other victories than just the scale. I had a NSV the other day. I looked at my face, and thought, what is that smudge on the side of my face? It was actually a shadow under my cheekbone! A cheekbone that I haven't seen in a while!

found you through the Fat to Fit blog hop!