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Friday, November 19, 2010

Challenge Updates

Challenge Updates:  The biggest loser ends this Sunday, then it's the Hot 100... Will need to find some new challenges, if you have an idea please comment!  I need to spice things up...

1.  Lose 36 pounds - lost 33 pounds to date, after my weigh in Sunday I will be revising this goal, woohoo!
2.  Workout a total of 5 times a week and go to my Kickboxing classes (counts as 2 a week) -  Still slogging away, for the most part I love it and look forward to the classes!
3.  Keep my blogging, my food plan and other stats up to date AND report on Friday's - no problem with my trackers for food and exercise.  Sadly I cannot keep up with blogs, I have to try on weekends but I know I will miss many special messages, it really bothers me... :(

at my local gym

1.  Lose 35 pounds (up from 25) - I've lost 33 so far with 2 days to go... it will be a nail biter!
2.  Don't quit the challenge - Currently I am neck in neck with Sheila for the lead out of 43 people!
3.  Attend gym classes regularly - Love the classes so there's not a chance I will miss it....


Anne H said...

A nail-biter indeed!
You are so enthusiastic, though.
Either way, you win!

Shane G. said...

Ok, I am now even more invested than ever in the Biggest Loser Challenge so please don't make me wait on the results! Great Job on finishing strong this week!

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

omg, it is a nailbiter. Congratulations, you've really got the consistency down and that's the most important part. Finger's crossed for the big weigh in!!!

logmyloss said...

Great job this week! You are really doing awesome!

I totally understand the blogging thing. It is hard to keep up, especially when life is busy.

~South Beach Steve

beej said...

Wow, great week! I can't wait to hear about the results for your gym contest!