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Friday, November 5, 2010

Challenge Updates

Doing well for the most part, the biggest  "challenge" at the moment is time but managing to pack a lot into each day:

Syl's October Challenge
I successfully completed the challenge with 60 minutes of exercise each day plus 21 Shred sessions.  Very pleased I pushed myself.

1.  Lose 36 pounds - lost 26 pounds to date 
2.  Workout a total of 5 times a week and go to my Kickboxing classes (counts as 2 a week) -  At the moment I am finding a way to do some exercise each day for a minimum of 45 minutes
3.  Keep my blogging, my food plan and other stats up to date AND report on Friday's - no problem with my trackers for food and exercise however my blog following is behind and I missed one day to post; I was so tired I really had nothing I could share yesterday

at my local gym

1.  Lose 25 pounds - I've lost 26 so far so I beat the target so I up'd the target to 35 pounds!
2.  Don't quit the challenge - Currently I am neck in neck with Sheila for the lead out of 43 people!
3.  Attend gym classes regularly - Love the classes so there's not a chance I will miss it....


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

You are doing SO GOOD! You are so going to make your goal weight soon! Keep at it!

Syl said...

WOW !!!! Awesome work! so proud of you!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

I'm just going to copy what Debbi and Syl said: You are doing SO GOOD! WOW! And I really mean that, too!

Shane G. said...

wow MOF! that is a great progress report! Wanna come train me!?!?

Teresa Mof said...

Nice! Way to keep moving forward!

logmyloss said...

It looks like you had a very successful week! Good for you!!!

~South Beach Steve