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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Biggest Loser and a Positive Sign ?

Booyah, had a great weigh in on Sunday where I lost 7 lbs in two weeks, 3.56% of my weight and I won the weekly challenge.  A few people at the class tonight thought I may be losing too fast but I feel great, had a physical today and all is well, and like I said way back in my A HA moment post, I am doing the math...

I have taking to logging information like a religion.  I count every calorie and note it in an excel file, I have a tally for every day counting calories, fat, sodium, sugar, fibre, protein and carbs.  I then log all my exercise and calories burned.  I can predict pretty well what I should be losing based on this information.  Part of this experiment is to show me how the input calories vs output can be modified to control weight once I reach mu goal.

Referring back to the post I calculated how many pounds I could expect to lose assuming stress is controlled, sleep is good.....

BMR = 1595 (just insert your stats into the BMI calculator)
Activity level  selected = 1.55    I'll use 3-5 moderate exercise sessions per week
Calories per day to maintain my current weight   (BMR*activity level) = 2472calories
Current calorie target per day = 1200 calories
Calories deficit per day (2472 - 1200) = 1272
Estimated pounds loss / week = 2.5     ((2472*7) - (1200*7)) / 3500 = 2.5

So I could expect a 2.5 lose however I have up'd my exercise to 6 workouts a week, with 4 of these being pretty intense (at least for me).  All this reassures me I am on a sound plan.

Now for the positive sign.  I don't want to jinx this but I am excited!!!.  I had dinner at my son's on the weekend.  He has quite a bit of weight to lose which I have talked about before... feeling the guilt for him having to deal with his parent's issues, etc.  Anyway he called me Monday and said how proud he was of me and how great I looked and could I help him... I said YES and had tears in my eyes.  I really hope he is serious about this and we can get him on a the right track.  I want to show him a couple blogs so he can see what is possible with hard work, determination and a DON'T QUIT OR NEVER GIVE UP attitude... 

Be happy...

PS. thank you soooo much to my blogger buddies who gave me sound advice yesterday regarding my post and how best to keep up with blogs.  The google reader function is fantastic!!!


Lanie Painie said...

What a great moment to have your son look up to you and ask for help. You're a good mom, for sure!

When I hear people say "losing too fast" I think they're just jealous. Keep up the good work!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

There's nothing more gratifying than having someone you love see the progress you've made and look up to you enough to ask for help. It just solidifies the fact that you are REALLY doing it!! You are not only changing your life, but through your example, you're encouraging others around you to change theirs. That's fantastic!

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

That is so exciting about your son. And well done on the weight loss!!! Two great milestones.

beej said...

There really is nothing better than being able to share your successes and the experience you gained so far--I am very happy for you. And I pray that you will be able to be that encouragement for your son. Blessings!