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Monday, October 11, 2010

Wow Jeans vs BowWow Jeans

Just a quickie today... this is the end of week 3 and start of week 4 and here are my highlights:

  • I'm down 15 pounds and 16 3/4 inches, mostly around my mid drift, waist and abs (woo hoo).
  • I feel much less pain or discomfort in my feet and knees
  • I can bend over with more ease then before (less huffing and puffing)
  • I feel more alert and energetic
I posted earlier last week about a target outfit, well I pulled out some clothes from my closet and choose  target jeans for this leg of my journey. The chosen one is a nice size 12 that I'm not sure I ever wore.  When I lost about 35 pounds last time and was loosely in a size 14, I liked these jeans at the store although they were snug I thought, no problem, I'll get them on sale and wear them in a few weeks - NOT.  Leave it to me to go the other way and have to go back into the size 16 and 18 jeans in my closet!

So I took the chosen jeans and put them on a hanger and have them on the door in my bedroom to look at everyday.  I also took a picture of me in these jeans (see, I could barely get them up my thighs and definitely couldn't seal the deal)...

So here is a picture of a pair of jeans I wear now, they are my MOM jeans and I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them.  They are comfy though, all my chubby weight is held in...

I'm waiting to hear officially how I did with my biggest loser challenge last week but it was a great week so I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I was the champ...Gotta go, time for an enjoyable walk outside with my little man and doggie...

Be happy!


spunkysuzi said...

You are doing fantastic!! Keep up the good work

Cupcakes & Veggies said...

Wow,you are doing great! 15 lbs is wonderful.

Joy said...

You are doing great!! Keep it up!!! You will get in those jeans!!


carla said...

fifteen pounds is AMAZEtastic
and ahh the momjeans.
I just went through my closet last week and found a few.

who bought these? :)
it could never have been me right? :)