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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Will Power

We all need it, sometimes a sprinkle, other times a bucket full.

Whether it's a family gathering, a neighborhood social, a party, going to the fair, or any other event on the calendar, we are all confronted with temptations.  Hopefully our will to be healthy and strong allows us to make the right choices to stay on track.  For me, the messages I'm trying to keep from and center in my mind are:

Eat consciously.  You may be thinking "well of course" but for me I can get myself so wrapped up in working at the office, on the computer, or watching TV or running from point A to point B that I just grab what is handy, available and scarf it down before I really know what I've done.  One behaviour I have to change is making a point to eat with no distractions.  I pride myself in being a multi-tasker but typing on a computer with one hand and stuffing a cheese burger in my mouth in the other is an issue.

One bite, one decision.  I saw this on a website and love these four words.  I need to remember to think about the food I am wanting to taster and decide, is this what I need?  I may want it but is it what I need to fuel my body with nutrition?

Drink water before every meal.  This is obvious to all of us but we all struggle to get in the gallons of water that should be ingested.  I am getting in the habit of drinking a generous amount of water before I eat to get the water in and to full me up more easily.

Planning is power.  As we get more aware of the foods that we need and the calories, it should be easier to think ahead and plan what we are going to eat and when.  This means what you eat at home, take with you to the office or a social event or what options we have at a restaurant or other event.  I have become very diligent at tracking my food and nutritional values (not just calories) so I can see where I am for the day, what went well and what needs to change.  I don't want to guess or approximate; I'm not good enough with the numbers yet.

I'd love to hear what other mindful messages or words of wisdom do you have to keep temptations at bay.

Today we got my portable car shelter up.  It's not for a car but the lawn equipment and outside furniture.  I didn't get the Shred in which I'm a little disappointed in but the shelter took longer to build that we thought and it was a priority.  We had our first dusting of snow last night so I have to get the outside in order.  We did do a lot of heavy listing but it in no way constitutes a workout.

Still at 20 down but the scale was down a few .X points today.  Maybe tomorrow I'll see the next lower X. number.  Tomorrow is weigh in day I'll be lucky to see 2 this week but I am ok with this (for now).

Ttyl, be happy...


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Excellent post! So true on all these accounts. Funny how we all KNOW this but constantly need reminders. Thank you!

spunkysuzi said...

Planning is definitely what keeps me on track. I also find that i can have foods that i really enjoy when i plan :)

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

I really like "one bite, one decision" That pretty much sums it up.

And yeah, planning is the big one for me. Plan, prepare, protect.

Maxabella said...

This is something I'm becoming better and better at. Eating mindfully is key when you're used to just stuffing any old thing in. I am enjoying it. x

Teresa Mof said...

Love it! I need some of that willpower dust for this week when I am travelling!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Eating while distracted seems to be a very big issue with me, lately. That, and going to the store with a sea of chocolate Halloween candy calling my name. This is clearly my absolute worst time of year. If I can just maintain to the New Year, I'll be happy. Have been looking for Shred at my library but (surprise) it's always out. I think this may be my only hope! LOL

Michele said...

What I love about this post is that you are seeking to really understand your eating habits. I, too, have found that the more present I am with my eating the better I do. Since I have been on this journey I have made it a point to consciously be aware while I am eating; so sitting down to eta at the table instead of at my computer. I also found planning has been key to all my success. Planning ahead by bringing a small lunch box type cooler with 100 calorie or so snacks. Really, really helps me. Michele