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Saturday, October 9, 2010

This POOP Works!

I am on a high right now.  Down 2 more making it 14 pounds in just under 3 weeks but more important than that (yes there are more important things) I feel wonderful today!  It just occurred to me when I came downstairs today that I simply walked down the stairs... I didn't hold the railing, baby my right foot (which was the one afflicted with plantar fascia) or go down one step at a time.  I had a spring to my step and when it hit me I couldn't stop smiling!  This POOP works (that's right poop not s&it)!!!  I'm not going to swear as I find this really unnecessary; I do my fair share of swearing believe me, I have been accused of having a mouth like a sailor.  This comes from working with a lot of loud, aggressive men.  But I digress...

Today we are having our big Thanksgiving dinner.  I have the turkey in the oven all stuff to the gills (wait turkey's don't have gills..), OK he's all stuffed up.  I'm also making a low fat pumpkin soup for the early guests to have for a late lunch or appetizer (recipe can be found on the site under My Recipes).

Just about to do some tidying up and then out for a big walk/run and I might do the shred or kettle bells after.  I am really stoked about today not just because we have a family get together but because I feel so great right now I know I am going to do well with my plan today - my mind is in the ZONE.  For those of you who have read some of my blogs, I am not just a foodie but I love my red wine.  LOVE IT!  I can live without it which is demonstrated by the almost twenty days so far (OK I fell off last weekend away with girls for a couple of reasons but that's another blog).  I have connected the fact that if I drink wine, I will eat more and I will eat not necessarily the good stuff, then I will go to bed feeling bad about myself.  More importantly I will most likely walk up a little stiff, a cloudy head and revert back to inching my way downstairs AND I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT.

So stay on my program today, no problem.

Including no wine today, no problem.

Exercise today, for sure.

Be extremely thankful for everything I have and what it has made me, absolutely.

I have another blog coming out today that I wrote yesterday that works in tandem with this one, my A HA moment, I hope you enjoy them both!

Be happy and be thankful!!!


Crystal Escobar said...

Wow, what an incredible blog you have, so inspiring. Good for you for all your hard work.
I'm new here and now a follower :)

kineticspirit said...

Woot! Keep it up, sounds like you're doing great.

D.Reeve said...

14 lbs in 2 weeks! Awesome job! Enjoy dinner!

Ellen said...

thank you, thank you for giving me the heads up on the pumpkin soup. Your version sounds pretty calorie friendly, too. Will definitely try it. I just found, tried and posted a low-cal pumpkin butter recipe on my blog this week; this weather officially jumpstarts me on a pumpkin kick and I've been trolling the internet for good pumpkin recipes. Thank you!