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Sunday, October 10, 2010


I had a good thanksgiving dinner with the family yesterday but boy it was stressful.  A few family drama things that always happen but the most trying event was when my stove decided to go wonky after 5 hours of cooking the turkey.  I noticed when the veggies were to go on and the burners wouldn't work.  We pulled the stove out and WOW, there was a spark meaning wiring!!!!  Sure enough the watchamacallit was disconnected and the thingamabob was fried.  Thankfully my brother was here and this is his "bag" so he turned off the power, removed parts and replaced things within 45 minutes so the turkey could go back in  and the veggies could be cooked!

I stayed on plan which was really hard - the food part was fine cause I was so frazzled I barely stopped for a moment.  The "no wine" was an amazing achievement cause I really wanted a glass of wine after dealing with the mechanical problems... but I persevered and triumphed!

In honour of Thanksgiving and today being 10/10/10 I wanted to list my top 10 things I'm thankful for...

  1. Blogging - I am so glad I discovered this a few weeks back and look forward to reading others stories and having a place to document my journey
  2. Country living - I have been living in the country for almost 30 years, raised a family and enjoyed the great outdoors all year round!
  3. Friends - I am grateful for the friends that I spend quality time with
  4. My brothers - the rocks of the family and a valuable part of my circle of friends
  5. My sisters - the bestest friends I have and the girls I confide in the most 
  6. My Dad - even though he is no longer here, he taught me many valuable lessons about the simple things in life
  7. My Mom - a woman who raised 6 kids in a difficult environment who I am so appreciative for having gotten to know much better as I matured (and smarten'd up she would say...)
  8. My kids - I have two fantastic boys who I would spend every waking moment with if they'd let me; I cherish them both and love them with every fabric of my being
  9. My health - I am grateful for my health at the moment and am using this journey as a means to improve and protect myself for a long, healthy and vibrant life
  10. And finally My Spirit - at this moment I am connected with who I am and I love me!  I am undergoing a hardware & software update to my body which is fueled by my spirit for wanting much more out of life!!!
Oh and one more, thank god my brother was here and we fixed this problem, I don't want to think of what might have happened :)

Be happy,



Shane G. said...

Glenda, that is a close call! Glad you had the right man for the job right there at the house. I like your list, it shows you are really in touch with your life and your feelings about it. I honestly believe that is a large part of a successful weight loss journey. Knowledge is power!

Karyn said...

What a beautiful list!! You definitely have a great handle on what's important in life. And awesome job on staying on plan in the face of all that food (and wine!) :-)

Josie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I am glad you had such a great (and successful) day. Love your list of thankfuls too.

Good luck with all your goals!

rickidocking said...

Happy Thanksgiving l'il sis.... congrats on your progress. You'll be back in your old thongs in no time!!!
Sisters #5??? Forgiven, you're not in your right mind from the weight loss. ;-)

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Wow, that's great, staying on plan is tricky when things are moving fast and there's not much time to pay attention. Well done!