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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Piss off Pissy people

Why are some people in a chronic pissy mood?  I have a dear friend who is about 10 years older than me and she can't find one good thing to say about the world.  Today I wanted to go to the US to get a turkey for thanksgiving this weekend.  She was feeling lonely lately so I invited her to come.  This is after spending the weekend with her and my other girlfriends.  She got on my nerves over the weekend but thank goodness the other girls were there too.  

So I get up determined to make the best of the day, to not let her get me boiling inside.  Even my horoscope warned me...

"Your ability to work with someone else cooperatively may be tested today because your patience is rather short. However, losing your temper isn't helpful if you want to make things better. "

So I figure I need to be cautious.  We're not in the car more than 6 minutes and my patience was tested... I was driving down my country road which has a speed limit of 80 klm and I guess I was way over cause I see flashing lights coming at me the other way.  I look down and I see I was going 102 klm.  I have to pull over so I did, and my friend says " that pisses me off, where are the cops when there are 4X4's speeding down these roads or there are packs of dogs off leashes and..."  All I can think of was 'shut up, I broke the law and I got caught'.  I control my breathing and get prepared.  Sure enough I was going 107 klm.  The officer takes my paperwork and licence and goes to the squad car and meanwhile my friend is still going on about how unfair this is.  I asked her to calm down and let me get through this.  I have never been stopped in all my 33 years of driving.  The officer comes back and tells me the ticket should be $137 plus 3 demerit points but since I have a perfect record and was polite, I got a $35 fine.

I make it through with a slap on the wrist but it was a wake up call for me.  The moral of the story - be calm and stay centered.  I was so glad I did not let my friend get to me.  I swear if I had gotten the bigger ticket and points loss I would told my friend I wasn't into the trip and turned back.  (then I most likely would have dropped her off and sneaked away on my own; I would rather have driven in silence).  But I went on and we made it through the trip.  I had to bite my lips so many times they hurt.  She complained about the weather, kids these days, all the bad drivers, truckers, who's hurt her lately, blah, blah, blah.  The second moral of this story - some people need to be taken in small doses or in large groups (deflection or at least an escape route needs to be in sight). 

I love this woman and care for her but our personalites are so different.  I want to be HAPPY and I need to make sure I surround myself with positive reinforcement.  This doesn't mean I need cheerleaders for my personal quest  but I do need people who demonstrate the same beliefs as I do - accountability, choice, strength, commitment, etc.  I don't need people who blame everyone else for what is wrong in their lives.  Piss off pissy people as I won't be attending you're pity party.

Ah, that feels better.  Actually I felt better once I got home, put things away quickly and got my runners on to got outside.  It was a beautiful fall day and my doggie and I needed exercise.  An hour's walk / run was perfect and then kickboxing tonight....All is well and I'm happy - hope you are too...


Karyn said...

You seriously have the best attitude! Striving to stay happy and positive in your life is a very good thing. Yet you're caring enough to share your life with someone who could use some help in that area. Maybe someday your positive attitude will rub off on her! And I'm so glad for you that the ticket worked out the way it did.

Hope you have a great day!

kristi said...

My mom is negative a lot, it drives me insane!

beej said...

Wow, you sure did handle that well! Great job. I'm sure I would have freaked out on your friend (I have a short fuse), and then, really, where would that have gotten me, right?

I should take some lessons from you!!