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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out with the Old

A quick update for now, will do another later with updated photos...

I updated my ticker above as I lost the picture.  This is me at my goal weight.  This was when I was 22.  I will get there, another pound down and now 25 gone - BooYah!

I just cleaned out all my pants and suits.  All the 16 and 18's are gone, some to go to friends and others I am taking to a consignment store (still have the tags on I sorrily admit).  I also found 2 nice suits I fit into now so I don't have to buy anything new for my next contract.   I had to post as I am very excited...teehee

Chow for now

P.S. I wonder why my standard salutations to people (Chow and Cheers) seem to reference food or drink?  Hmmm something to chew on, I mean stew over....


Julie Lost and Found said...

yay!!! congratulations!!!

That must feel soooo good to get rid of the larger sizes!!

I'm so excited for you. Have a great weekend!!

Joy said...

Such a great feeling to move to a smaller size. Way to go!!!

Keep up the great work!