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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Much Done Today

So yesterday my post was on the downer side as I was feeling overwhelmed with my outstanding list of "things to do".  I really appreciated the supportive comments reinforcing my focus on my time needed for exercising, blogging and generally looking after me.

Today I woke sore, I'm not sure why I am still feeling sore in the arms and lower back but I definitely wasn't feeling a lot of work would get done.  I had to take the car in for snow tires (yes we do that here or we get stuck too easily; or you have to have a gas guzzling SUV) and I hitched a ride back on my neighbours school bus.  I asked to borrow his wheel barrel cause I was thinking I have to do some outside work today.  I can't use mine cause it has a f*&king flat tire, so does tractor number one, and tractor number two... as the crap sitting here for the ex.

I picked up the wheel barrel and it was windy today but no rain and +10 at 9:00 so I thought I gotta get to work.  Well, I was a work demon.  I accomplished the following:
- the raking under 4 trees and dumping them (man those suckers have grown over the years and shed a lot)
- cutting back all the plants and moving the garbage
- the leaf blowing all the random messy stuff off the driveway (have a long one in the country)
- taking down the trampoline
- moving all the outside furniture and ornamental stuff into the shed
- moving the crappy equipment into the shed
- re-stacking the fire wood that will be needed for the winter

I took lots off the list and am feeling like a very accomplished woman.  The ex came over the his twice weekly visit with the munchkin and he was shocked I did all this (he actually does a lot of work around here when he can, the problem is he is busy too).  Now he can play games instead of working.

Their calling for flurries tomorrow so I got this done just in the nick of time.  Now it's off to kick boxing!!!

Be happy, I am today!


rickidocking said...

glad you're feeling better. I would have loved to have been there to give you a hug and help rake leaves..I miss that, believe it or not.
Big hugs and kisses amd I'm still and forever proud of you ;-)

Kati said...

I'm so glad that you are having a better day! Keep on keeping on :) I have awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award

birchgirl said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog,


Debbie said...

Wow sounds like you got a good work out. I wish we got snow here. Have a great night.