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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Morning After

How many times...

Have you woken up feeling tired even though you've had 8-9 hours sleep?
Have you woken up feeling crappy and you haven't even ventured out of bed?
Have you gotten up in bed and sat at the edge waiting for the energy to get up?
Have you gotten out of bed and walked to the bathroom and your feet ache, your knees are cracking and your lower back is screaming?
Have you looked at the scale in the bathroom and said "no way no how"
Have you looked in the mirror and said "why again" meaning why did I eat so much so late?  "Why did I drink too much?"  "When are you going to smarten' up?"

For me it was too many times.  I'm talking 100's of days if not 1000's!

These thoughts all crossed my mind this morning when I was up and dressed, getting ready for my weigh in.  I was opening the curtains in my room and looking outside with a huge smile on my face.  I know we all have moments where we feel the cravings or feel deprived but the feeling I had this morning was so powerful it needs to be something I remember when those weak moments present themselves.

Today I felt proud, successful, vital, energetic, maybe a bit sore but from exercise, not from inactivity.  I didn't feel guilt or shame which is huge for me!!!  I have woken up countless mornings knowing that I was killing myself with my choices and I did not like the weak and out of control person staring back at me in the mirror.  At this moment I feel strong, in control and the connection between my mind and body.  We need to be truly aware of ourselves and these moments because these are the flames that are needed to stoke the fire and keep us moving positively on our journey.  Don't take any of these thoughts or moments for granted.  When you have them, think about the cause and effects, then and now.  It will make a big difference, it has for me.

So with that huge smile I got a few things done and went off to my weigh in.  I am down 5 pounds since last week.  I still am in a bit of shock with that result but.... I have maintained my 1200 calories a day of all GOOD, healthy food, drank gallons of water and exercised every day a min of 60 minutes (walks or workouts or a combo).  The recipe seems to be working!

Have a great day and here's to 1000's more perfect awakenings!

Be happy...


Jayne Doe said...

Excellent progress!!! :)

Sandra said...

I'm a sucker for a success story! You had me hooked with the title of your blog: Mind over Fatter, that is pure genius!
Congrats on your progress, your attitude is truly inspirational.

D.Reeve said...

Excellent job!!

kristi said...

Wow...that is awesome!
Hey, we have the same birthday!
I noticed your goals on your sidebar. :)

kjcalegan said...

What a motivating, inspirational post! Congratulations on your progress...I know it was hard earned :)

Shane G. said...

MOF, you and I are kindred spirits for sure. That is exactly my philosophy in this journey. I often find myself smiling when I am driving down the road and start thinking of the fact I won't be tempted to stop at Burger King, or I was able to reach down and scratch my foot while I was driving. I find myself smiling when I am hoofing it up the hill on the far side of the block and I am breathing well, not gasping, and I smile when I feel my abs sore, my legs tired, and my mind clear after a workout. I think of what a wonderful blessing this all is. I take it in and just smile away, knowing that this is just a pit stop, the good stuff is yet to come!

Syl said...

thank you so much for agreeing to do a post for me!
please forward it to livesmilerun at gmail. com and I'll make sure it gets up while I am away!
Thanks again!

Charlotte said...

Hold onto that feeling, and remember it when you're having an off day. You've written a lovely post about it, and now you can go back and read it when you need it most. Good for you!