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Friday, October 8, 2010

I Throw My Hands Up In the Air Sometimes

I am in a good mood surfing around after a nice walk outside and I managed to run 1k, wooohooo.  I found this link on you tube of a guy from Ontario Canada and man he is fantastic.  Maybe he'll be as popular as Justin Beiber (yes I agree we need to replace JB on the charts).  I like the performance which is all A Capella and these lines from the song seem very appropriate for me...

I Throw My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes,  Saying Ay-Oh, Gotta Let go.  I wanna celebrate and live my life,      Saying Ay-Oh, Baby Let's Go.

Get up and exercise or just celebrate, throw your hands up in the air and just let go and have fun!

Hope you enjoy it too, be happy!


rickidocking said...

pretty damn awesome

beej said...

Love the joy in this post!

Michele said...

Nice work on the 1KM!!