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Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall From Grace

Just as the title indicates, I have had a fall from grace.  I was having a great weekend.  Got a lot of work done around the house that was needed in prep for winter, had a relaxing evening with my sister on Saturday and yesterday hosted a dinner for a friend and her two kids.  She is someone I usually socialize with in a group of people but I promised to have them over for a good "meat" dinner.  She does not cook meat and the hubby is in Afghanistan.  When the kids came in and we settle in for some talk time, they told me how excited they were to have steak!.

I prepared a simple yet yummy meal: BBQ steak, mushrooms and onions, baked potatoes and warm garlic bread.  The kids were all excited!  While I was getting the food on the table my friend opened red wine and served two glasses, one for her and one for me.  I've been doing great lately and I thought why not.  I had one glass, then two.  Dinner was fine for me, I had a small serving of steak, veggies and made a small sweet potatoe (no bread for me).  Then we retired to the family room and I had another glass of wine.

Now the regretful part of the evening was that I had the wine but at this stage I hadn't gone over my calories.  I also worked out really hard so I didn't get too down on myself.  My company left, son now is bed and I get the ... dreaded munchies.  With the wine consumed my will power was non existent.  I had some snacks (I won't go through the gory details), suffice to say I went over my calories by about 900!  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I didn't feel this way until this morning when I woke and realized what I had done (plus I felt like crap physically).

I'm back on track today, no problem.  This will be a faded memory in a short while but it served to teach me that my nemesis is the wine (or alcohol) - not because I get drunk but I had enough that my decision making is very poor.  So lesson learned, tattooed on my brain.  I debated whether I should write and confess.  I was going to just put a quick "howdy do" note up but then I thought it was important to be honest with myself and you all.

So in summary lessons learned...

  1. Get rid of all the really bad junky food in the house (Done)
  2. Abstain from drinking alcohol while trying to lose weight (will try my hardest)
  3. Always be honest and open (demonstrated by this post I hope)
  4. Remember, one bite, one decision and one drink, bad decision ...
So off for a long workout, I need to punish myself physically.

Be happy (I feel better now)...

Updated: A 3 mile walk earlier today, 2 Shred sessions and power walking with weights on the butt kick for my indiscretion is complete...!


Lanie Painie said...

I've been able to abstain from alcoholic beverages for almost 41 years. It's really not that hard. I bet you can do it!

I have such poor judgment while sober, that I never wanted to risk what might happen if even a little compromised!

christina said...

I have refrained from alcohol for the most part during my weight loss journey too - sucks but I MUST have very bad food after a few drinks. Not to mention the calories in the drink!

Good for you for realizing - taking account for your actions and moving on!

fat-angry-blog said...

I think it's good to hold yourself accountable. Now realize that was a speed bump in your journey and don't get too hung up on it :)

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Honey, I been down that road and back quite a few times in my life. A few glasses of alcohol seems to dissolve my resolve rather miraculously. I've had to set it aside for the near future.

I guess I know that if I have a few glasses then I get to deal with the cravings that follow.

Onwards and upwards. (or downwards on the scale!)

Shane G. said...

Your post made me think. I have not had anything to drink since I have been on this journey, and I had not thought of the possibility of what it may do to me. I am guessing I would have the same story as you do. I now have a red flag on the idea of drinking till I get where I need to be. Thanks for this post MOF!