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Sunday, October 3, 2010

End to a FUN weekend

I'm back home from a fun filled weekend with the girls. We have this weekend getaway to a friend's cottage the first weekend in Oct and have been doing this for a while.  I was really worried about how I would handle the usual excess of food, the drinks and the lounging around not doing much physical activity.  I asked for advice on how I could better prepare myself from my bloggers and I got some good ideas and supportive cheers.

There were a few less of us this year due to personal reasons and although I missed them, the gang that was there had a much closer and relaxed time as we had less to cook for, clean after and coordinate "do we all want to do this?".

The great news is it was one of the best getaways in a while!  The not so great news is that I did not stick to my plan.  I didn't disclose the new me to my friends meaning my renewed commitment and my approach.  I'm not completely sure why but one of the reasons is I've been at this stage so many times before that, although my friends would listen intently and wish me the best, my thoughts were they would be thinking "not again or I wonder how long she will stick to it this time or  which program is she going on about now".  I know this isn't the truth but I was gun shy.  In the end I did manage to stay on my food plan pretty well.  I did not have candy, chips or sweet/high fat desserts.  I did however enjoy my wine with the gals.  I curtailed myself to a much lower limit than the past, I watered down my drinks and I still drank lots of water but I did indulge.  Oh well, that was my choice, today I'm back on plan and so far I it would appear I maintained my weight.

I managed to get the girls out for two long challenging walks (6 and 7K respectively) on a very hilly terrain.  For the most part we walked at a good pace to break out in a sweat and feel some burn in our legs.  I also got a Shred in on Friday. I also woke up in time today to go down the 90 stairs to the lake and see the sunrise (and took 50+ pictures) and it was stunning!  I walked up and down these stairs 7 times today.  I felt great today driving home even though I felt some small pangs of "why did I not stay on plan" but then again I was able to not beat myself up and demotivate myself.  I had lots of energy today which I am sure was from the reasonable good food we ate (no overeating!), water and reduced drinking.  I made a amazing low fat cheesecake that had 99 calories and very low in fat (I added it to my recipe pate).

I couldn't weigh in for my biggest loser club this week as we were late leaving the cottage but will be there next Sunday (which by the way for those non-Canadians is our Thanksgiving weekend - another food/alcohol challenge but that's life).

Ta for now and be happy.


rickidocking said...

Way cool. I know how hard you party with your friends and I'm proud if how you handled the weekend. Please don't underestimate their reaction to your new plan...let them in on your blog. It's insightful, revealing and 'you'. it always has been 'you'. You've always known what to do but needed the motivation to do it!!!!I know they will be proud of you, as am I. :)

kristi said...

If they are true friends, they will support you! Sounds like an awesome weekend!

Joy said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I look forward to following your journey!

I think you did great on your trip. Hey we are living life, sometimes we do everything just right, sometimes we don't! The great thing is, you did a lot of things right and you're back on your plan already. Congrats!!

I too don't tell many people about my journey. They've heard it before. Obviously after 50 pounds off they have noticed. Seems like they are holding their breath....waiting to see if I get this done and maybe even waiting for me to quit, like I always do.

Nope...I'm in it for the long haul. I share my journey with all of my blog friends and my close family (hubby, daughter, sons & mom) That's it!

Keep up the great work!!


Lanie Painie said...

I'm glad you had fun and kept moving, even if you did disappoint yourself with your eating. I'm guessing that it wasn't as bad as in years past at these events. Am I right?

Mind Over Fatter said...

Thanks gals for the messages, they mean a lot to me...

Karyn said...

Hey Friend! Thanks for stopping by tonight. I look forward to getting to know you along the way. Love this support system we've got going here!! Hope you have a great week!

anne h said...

Just found your blog - clicked follow!
Yay to the network of blogging friends!

Cammy said...

Until recently, I kept my blog separate from friends' eyes. It was nice having a "safe place" to voice my frustrations, free of eye-to-eye judgments (real or perceived.)

Looks like you had a great weekend! A little splurging, a little control, a lotta fun--that's a perfect recipe for long term success, especially if you move right back to the plan when the event is over. Kudos to you!