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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't lecture me!

How many times have we had people lecture us about the importance of good eating, sleeping, exercise, etc.  All well intentioned messages but I have to admit I often thought or said "don't lecture me".  I knew every minute of every day that the choices I was making were not good for my overall well being.  Sure it satisfied the need of the moment, that craving but this feeling is short lived and usually always followed by regret or shame.

I updated my long term goals today after a long walk because I have a son who needs to lose a lot of weight.  He's always been on the upper end of the weight chart but once he went to university he started to gain weight due to really crappy food choices, eating very late at night, drinking beer and not exercising anymore.  It was compounded once he found out about his parents splitting up and the issues that had been going on.

I added a goal to be a supreme role model for him.  I don't want to lecture him, I want him to know what's possible with focus and hard work as a living example.  I want him to know there is a way out of this.  I want him to know that I am there for him to get him back on the right track of a long, healthy and happy life.  I know he is ashamed of his weight and I know it bothers him.  Sure he's smiles and laughs when people are around but I also know he is in pain when he cannot do the things in life other's his age are enjoying and he is even struggling day to day.

So I not only want to pay it forward and work with overweight kids I want to work with my son in a very constructive and successful way.  The first step is to transform me as the living example.

As always, be happy...


rickidocking said...

How true. All you can be is an example. God knows I've been a bad example to people in my family and I, like you, am trying to put the past behind and show what is possible....happiness and health and happiness...a triumphant circle! It's hard but fulfilling work and there are no shortcuts. good luck with all your struggles. ;)

Becky Johns said...

Our children do what we do, not what we say. Boy, ain't that one a tuffy to get ahold of. Much power and blessings to you, sister. Following your journey! Much love to you.

Becky from

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Great post, what a good reason to work towards your goals. All the best.