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Saturday, October 9, 2010

An A HA Moment!

I found some information yesterday and had an A-HA moment.  I may have seen this in the past but can't remember or it definitely did not sink in.

- How to calculate the calories per day you need versus what you are eating on "your program" to estimate the pounds that could be lost per week OR
- Why did I gain weight in the first place

The first link is an excellent write up on calculating your BMR (basal metabolic rate).  The second is a site for calculating your BMI.  I'll let you do the reading and then calculate your's...  Thanks Tara!

So I calculated mine:

BMR = 1595 (just insert your stats into the BMI calculator)
Activity level  selected = 1.55    I'll use 3-5 moderate exercise sessions per week
Calories per day to maintain my current weight   (BMR*activity level) = 2472 calories
Current calorie target per day = 1200 calories
Calories deficit per day (2472 - 1200) = 1272
Estimated pounds loss / week = 2.5     ((2472*7) - (1200*7)) / 3500 = 2.5

A HA - A calorie total of 2472 for me to maintain my weight at a moderate activity level.  No wonder I gained weight!  I definitely ate over that amount a day plus I was not doing moderate exercise sooooo my real calorie maximum per day would be 1914!!!

Now that I have some information I believe this re-assures me that I should be seeing a weight loss per week if I maintain my eating and exercise plan.  Now how much you loss can be dependent on other factors like fluid retention, illness, stress, etc.  I expect to see fluctuations per week but the darn thing should work over time; patience and persistence is needed.

I hope you found this helpful.  I'd appreciate any feedback regarding the information, have I misunderstood it?

Ta for today and be happy


Christina said...

I have given you a blog award. Drop by my blog anytime to pick it up.

Shane G. said...

That is very useful info. I think I learned that somewhere but they were just using 2000 a day as a standard BMR and going off that to tell you that a calorie deficit is any activity you do over that amount added to however many less calories than you eat that day.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Don't you love those AHA moments when something clicks and it all makes sense? You are doing so well, keep up the positive attitude! I can feel your excitement!

Beth at Obesity Strike said...

Information is power! This is good information to have, I admire you for searching it out.

Michele said...

Wow! I did not know about these websites, so thanks for sharing. I will look them up. Michele at

Michele said...

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