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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I got my ass kicked!

My rant for today...

I came in second for last week's BL challenge out of 47 people.  I missed the lead by .5% reduction in body weight.  I wasn't disappointed but my competitive side has kicked in.  I've increased my resolve to keep at the hard work and the payoff will show on the scale, the inches lost and the increased energy.  This week will be difficult because... I have a weekend away with the girls at a friend's cottage.  We usually do lots of eating, drinking, sitting around gabbing and laughing with very little exercise.  Not sure how I'm going to make it through and not sabotage myself but I am thinking up a plan.  I have the menu and am looking up the nutrition stats so I can be prepared with how much I can eat and of what.  The harder part will be the drinkies (and I like my drinks).  I am a wine lover and will have to spritz it up and only take a small amount.  I know I won't be able to say no all weekend (if it was a night no problem) so again, I want to go into this with a limit, a plan and stick to it.  I also will be out on walks more than normal (I have been pretty lazy in the past and passed on the walks).  If anyone has any other suggestions please, please let me know!

As part of the BL club I got a great rate on the gym membership so I joined for 3 months.  It includes the facilities and classes so I called tonight to inquire about the Kickboxing class - could a novice and someone who is in not great shape go and "fit in"?.  I was told yes.  So I went and got my ass kicked.  I was able to keep up with most of the arm moves but I definitely felt embarrassed by my combinations of arm and leg segments.  I stopped a few times as I looked in the mirror (lord I hate those BIG mirrors) and I looked like a fool with my flailing arms and randoms, out of sequence kicks.  The good news is I stuck it out including the ab work and the bag work (which was tons of fun).  I came home on a high and will be going back for the twice weekly class.  The next class to look into is Boot Camp but I am less keen on this one.

One of my goals is to get back to running.  At the moment I am doing a lot of medium paced walking both with my dog outside and on the dreadmill.  I am being careful not to aggravate my plantar facia.  I does feel tender tonight so I iced it after the class.  Hopefully it won't be too painful tomorrow.  I've gotta get it checked though because I am worried it's going to slow me down.  One of the reasons I stopped my workouts in the spring was the intense pain working out and just getting around every day.  It is definitely better but not gone away.  I want it gone away.

Gotta get ready to get my 7 hours of sleep a night - not.  I should be but am finding it really difficult.  My 12 year old son's bus comes at 6:50 each day so we are up at 5:50.  That's insane for any kid, and me considering I enjoy my late nights (thanks for that behavior Dad xo).  But that's the way it is so I'm giving myself another week to adjust.  Depending on which contract I am on next I may just drive him each day and bdrop him off since school starts at 8:20 (yah it's a 1 hour and 10 minute bus ride for what is a 20 minute drive by car).  That all being said, I do know how important sleep is to losing weight and recharging the batteries so good night, be happy!


beej said...

GP, I'm glad I found you from Steve's blog. And your blog title cracks me up!!

I really think you should do the HOT 100--it provides a lot of support.

Best of luck on the trip--maybe try drinking club soda with lime...or cutting your wine with water? Yeah, they're both poor replacements, but still...

mybestself614 said...

Great blog. Found it through Steve's blog. I'm going to second beej and say join the Hotties! I think that you have a sound game plan for success on your trip. Make a plan and stick with it. Also, make some substitutes that you can have...drink wise. Maybe you have one drink, their version and have some other drinks that you can have that fit with your plan. Maybe a SMOOTHIE type.

I take my own food everywhere, with the exception of restaurants, although I would do that too. It's funny, most of the time people are more interested in what I'm eating than the food they're eating.

Glad I found you. Keep up the good work.

FYT614 said...

ok, I'm refollowing your blog under the right name...sorry. I just left a message as mybestself614.