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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I added a few things to the blog, the most important one being "MY LIVING LIST".  I didn't want to call it a bucket list as that has to much of a direct correlation to must do's before I die.  My living list is a list of things I'd like to do or experience in my 50's.

The #1 item is to loss the excess weight I have been carrying for too long, reach my challenging goal weight AND to maintain that weight.  Seems like a tall order but I can and I am going to do it.  I have convinced myself I am not going to settle for less anymore.  I'm not going to set a target weight that is above where I was when I was in my twenties.  Why, because I don't want to settle to be above that weight - when I've dieted over the past 20 years I've always set my goal weight 20-25 lbs over what I weight "in my prime" believing that that was good enough and for a woman my aged, it was OK.  Well that's changed.  I can be the weight I was in my twenties.  The only thing stopping me is my mind.  I need to have the determination and conviction to get there.  It will take a year but that's OK.  I have the tools and knowledge and I know where to get any other information I need, there is no excuse for ignorance anymore.  So I am on that road to physical success.  I'll talk about the other list items another time.

I can list alot of same things other people do that would make them feel better with the excess weight off - more energy, being able to tie my shoes without panting, getting up and down off the floor easier, feeling more self confident, and so on.  One of my blog links is to Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit.  I really enjoy this one as it is humorous, interesting and inspiring.  One item on the site is call W.I.D.T.H which means Why I Do This Here.  It has a compilation of visuals from many readers who list why they want to lose weight.  Some are funny, some are sad and some are just like me.  I'll post my in the near future (I need to figure alot out about how to use this web stuff first).

Today I'm down another 3.  I had a few challenges yesterday in the "digestive" area but I chalk it up to the new foods I'm eating and the fish oil I'm taking.  Other than that it was a great day.  No real cravings and managed to eat well.  I made a yummy chicken chili which was spicy and satisfying.  I'll have that for a few days now since I made a sizable batch.

Now I am taking the few moments I can to get my blog post up while I watch over 7 12ish year old boys run around outside, play soccer and jump on the trampoline.  It's great their outside for now to burn off some of the pop and chocolate they've been ingesting.  Then they'll settle into video games and watch the Sens beat the Habs tonight!.

My weigh in is tomorrow in the Biggest Loser club.  I hope I win for the week.  It would be nice to be down 10 and have it confirmed on their scale. I adjusted mine at home after the 1st weigh in (it was 6 lbs above what mine read).  Anyway, chow for now... funny how my salutation refers to eating?  Cheers .... refers to drinking?

Be happy!

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Leslie said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping over at my blog and commenting. Welcome to this great blog community. You'll find support, inspiration and motivation here, along with great humor and friendship. Sounds like you're making nice progress in your weight loss effort, and I think you'll find blogging very helpful in a zillion ways.

Love the idea of a living list! I should think about that, esp. since I'm getting closer and closer to leaving my 50's! (57) I'll be following you and checking in often to watch you succeed.